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You can go out TONIGHT and approach ANY woman confidently and without fear.

You can know exactly what to SAY to break the ice and DO to get her in bed!

You’ve seen it done before, even by guys who are ugly.

HOW do they do it?

Can YOU do it too?

The answer, my friend… is YES!

Have you ever been in a situation where you had a PERFECT opportunity to strike up a conversation with a beautiful woman, but ended up talking yourself out of it because:

You were afraid she may reject you?

You could not think of what to say?

She was just way out of your league?

Or ALL of the above?

Sure you have, and chances are that the last time this happened to you was not too long ago. Do you think that your life would be different right now if you knew the RIGHT things to say in that situation to get the girl to go on a date with you?

EVEN take her back to your place?

If your answer is yes,
than this guide is for you.

Simple Seducer will teach you to pick up ANY girl, easily and repetitively.

This system covers everything you could possibly encounter while seducing women, and shows you exactly what to DO and SAY in each situation to always come out a winner.

Once you know the material, you will be able to simply approach the beauty of your choice, use one of my MANY fool-proof techniques you’ve learned… and off to the bedroom you’ll go!

There are no magic tricks involved.
Knowledge + Action = Success

This guide is the REAL DEAL, and with it you’ll be more successful with girls than anyone you have EVER met.

The competition won’t stand a chance!

You will know more about the needs and desires of women than they do themselves, and will demonstrate this ability in everything that you say and do… making you irresistible to even the HOTTEST babes!

This is the #1 selling seduction system for fast results!

Learn why dating experts say Simple Seducer is BEST!

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Still here? You should already be reading Simple Seducer by now!

Once you read the first few pages you will begin to realize just how SIMPLE it is to seduce women and begin living the life you deserve.

You’ll also be wishing that you had found this book earlier on.

I know for a fact that I wish someone had let me in on this stuff back when I was just a skinny computer nerd with less than 0% chance of getting ANY girl simply because I was too afraid.

Afraid that you might get rejected?
Get over your fear of rejection forever!

Today, because of what I’ve learned through my years of research and study, I can start a conversation with ANY beautiful woman, anytime anywhere, while making her believe that I’m an absolute stud!

I now have ZERO fear of rejection.

I’ll show YOU exactly how I did it!

The information contained in this guide will help you to overcome your fear of rejection in a MONTH or less, and will also make your self confidence and social status shoot through the roof.

I can say that with confidence because it already worked for me, and trust me I was MUCH MORE than a lost cause!

Everyone will wonder what YOUR secret is!

You will be up to your EARS in hot girls once you know my “Dirty Little Tricks”. Women will melt in your hands like butter, EVEN if you’re fat or ugly!

Works on ANY woman!

Imagine having more power, control and choice with the ladies than you ever KNEW was possible and getting laid!

When you start using my system and applying the “secret skills” that I teach, you’ll be able to make more inroads with the ladies than you probably did in your entire life!

Myth: Average guys can’t get hot girls.

It IS possible when you know how, regardless of your looks, your job, your confidence level or your bank account!

With my system, anyone can successfully learn how to meet and date sexy women without a hitch!

This guide has received the highest possible rating from the #1 seduction site online!

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Here is a quick run-down of some of the book’s contents:

Seduction Discovery Technology – Use these specially crafted formulas to turn yourself into a “master player” who always gets laid in a matter of weeks!

Seduction Blockbusters – My awesome new method of discovering what’s holding you back, and then exploding through it… so you can sit back and enjoy lady after fine ass lady!

Discover The 7 “Game Killers” – Hint: You’re probably doing at least 3 of them right now. Once you get these 7 things handled, you can get ANY woman!

Multi-Poon Success! – Have you ever wanted to have more than one sex partner, but felt like something wouldn’t let you do it? I clear the path, and show you exactly how to have sex with as many women as you can stand!

What you look like does not matter AT ALL…

The Secret Of Power Framing – Use this “special” technique to transform yourself into a babe attracting sex magnet. They won’t leave you alone!

The “B.S. Be-Gone” Technique – Never again will you have to deal with bullshit. You’ll learn the perfect method for dealing with crap like flaking and not having calls returned. Finally, a solution!

The 2 Magic Questions… – Wanna know exactly which women you should talk to when you walk into a place? Take 30 seconds to ask these 2 powerhouse questions, and you will NEVER feel unsure of yourself again. (Plus, these questions automatically raise your chances of seduction success, JUST by asking them) Hint: It’s a secret used by speakers to blow audiences away!

Guaranteed Conversation Starters – Do you sometimes find yourself wishing you knew what to say to a woman to get things going? Use this formula, and you will always say the right thing to get your “foot in the door”.

Where To Meet Women – For the first time anywhere, I share my most prized “hidden goldmine” places to go where the women literally outnumber the men 10 to 1… and ALL of them are single!

NEVER again will you be the guy that women ignore…
You will be the guy that women are FIGHTING OVER!

Have you ever heard this old saying?

“Give a man a fish and you’ve fed him for a day, but teach him HOW to fish and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.”

Well, I’m going to teach you how to catch so many “fish” that you will have enough for you and ALL of your friends!

You’ll be the MAN!

Special low price!So, here’s the million dollar question…

Why join an expensive dating service when you can get my book for a one-time low investment, and actually learn HOW to go out and get literally hundreds of dates?

Plus this is a cheap investment!

In fact, if I made this too expensive, it would defeat the purpose!

I mean, I wrote this system specifically for the average guys who are like me and may not have that much money.

So, your total investment for learning all of my secrets for meeting dozens of beautiful women is…

Only $44.99!


ONLY $19.99!

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So what’s the catch? Why am I practically giving this guide away?

Well, it’s really quite simple.

This incredible guide is available to you as an instant download which you can read directly on your computer, phone, tablet… almost ANY device – like the one you’re using RIGHT NOW!

I have ZERO shipping costs, ZERO packaging headaches, and ZERO employees needed to take the orders.

I can pass my savings on to YOU.

I want to make this as painless as possible for you. Just to prove it to you, I’m going to shower you with “bribes!”

Order today and…

Receive 3 FREE bonus
gifts with your order:

Free Bonus Gift #1 (15.99 Value)

How To Undress A Woman So Smoothly That She’ll Think It Was HER Idea To Get Naked! – Learn my most prized secrets for getting a woman naked and turned on so you can get laid right on the first date if you choose!

Free Bonus Gift #2 (12.99 Value)

Seduction Discovery Worksheets – Learn how to explode through mental blocks using this breakthrough trick that takes mere minutes.

Free Bonus Gift #3 (19.99 Value)

Multiple Sex Partner Tutorial – Discover how to have several women to choose from sexually at any given time. I’ve personally used this stuff to form sexual relationships with 5 women at once. Imagine having that many women wanting to bang your brains out!

Get Laid Guarantee!

Money Back Guarantee!

Okay, here’s the deal:

Buy my book now and get all 3 bonuses. Try this material out for a full month. If you don’t meet any beautiful women within those 30 days as a result of this hot new book, then I demand that you ask for a full refund. I will cheerfully refund your money if you do not land yourself a really hot babe!


So remember, you have nothing to lose.

Either you get laid, or you get your money back. I can say that, because I know that the material in this book works. This will be the most important book that you will EVER read! Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and a whole new world of women to gain.



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So what are you waiting for…

It’s time for you to start getting the women that you deserve!

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