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She just broke up with her boyfriend


She Talks About Her Ex

Whenever a girl that you are talking to brings up the subject of her ex-boyfriend, you’ve got to immediately change the subject every time she does.

The last thing you want is for her to think you are a “shoulder to cry on”.

If you learn that she had just recently gotten out of a long-term relationship it’s kind of a sticky situation.

You can most likely get her to want you in terms of sex/messing around, but after a relationship that lasted that long it’s too soon to pressure her into a relationship, it could possibly scare her off.

The best thing might be to first get her in a playful mood or at least happy (and most importantly not thinking about her ex and realizing how much fun she is having without him) then explain to her that you want her to be your girl but you don’t want to rush anything.

Tell her that you’ll move at her pace and if she wants you to back off a little and slow down all she has to do is say so and you will.

Then after you’ve been dating her for a while tell her that you don’t like playing games and if she wants to be your girl she going to have to tell you.

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