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Tips - Acquire Skills
This section contains all of the sneaky little tips and tricks to use to pick-up and seduce girls. You can attract girls like a magnet if you learn and use these techniques! Check out the categories below:

What To Say To Girls

You need great conversation skills if you want to get good at talking to girls. Learn how to make them interested in you with these amazing tips! Know exactly what to say to girls... and how to say it like a man.

How To Flirt With Girls

Success in the dating game is not likely to happen if you don't know how to flirt with girls. Learn incredible flirting tips that will improve your game and success! Ready to gain the right skills at flirting with girls?

How To Be Confident

These important tips will teach you how to be confident around girls and believe in yourself. Having a strong foundation of inner confidence is much more cruicial than knowing how to flirt and talk to girls.

Dating Tips & First Dates

Master the art of dealing with girlfriends and even more serious relationships! Also learn how to handle the first date, where to go on a date, and many other strategies for dating girls from start to finish.

How To Game Girls

Tips and strategies for having good overall game with girls. Learn how to get a girl's number and get laid as often as you want. Find out what you need to do around girls to make them sexually attracted to you.

An Attractive Lifestyle

The way you choose to live your life and present yourself has a great impact on your dating success with girls. Learn how to lead the right lifestyle and be seen as the type of guy that girls are drawn to.

Advanced Seduction Tips

This section of advanced seduction tips has been provided by the Paragon Project. You'll need to learn a bit of seduction terminology and acronyms, but it's worth the effort. This is seriously powerful stuff!

User Submitted Tips

These tips have been sent in by visitors who were cool enough to add their own knowledge to the site. Check them out, and don't forget to send in your own tips as well. If they're good I'll post them up!

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