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Seduce women with anticipation


Use Anticipation On Her

When you are going to ask a girl out, try this unique trick that will make it much easier for you to do, and the girl much more interested in you:

Tell her you are going to ask her out before you actually do.

For instance, say something like “I’m going to ask you out, but not right now, I’m not in the mood”.

The anticipation will drive her nuts because she has no idea when you are going to ask her out.

You will be on her mind 24/7 until you eventually do ask her out, which you should do when she least expects it.

You will get a yes almost every time with this technique!

This works because it is essentially a quick, condensed version of the “Push & Pull” strategy all wrapped into one single line.

After you’ve used this, you can continue to use pushes and pulls as much as you like, and even drag out the anticipation for an extended period of time.

Just don’t wait too long because this is technically a game, and after a certain amount of time passes every game starts to get old and grow boring.

You need to make your real move before that happens!

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