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Saying me too makes bonds with girls


Say Me Too To Warm Her Up

Never talk too much or bring up subjects that will be boring to her, let her initiate the topics of discussion and do most of the talking while you simply relate yourself to her statements by saying things like “me too”.

This will make the two of you seem to have a lot in common and her opinion of you will shoot through the roof.

However, this is only a technique that should be used very sparingly and never during the initial stages of your interaction with her.

You are treading on thin ice when you attempt to relate to her too much and are running the risk of getting lost in the dreaded friends zone as many men do.

On that note, you should always avoid becoming a “friend” when you first meet a girl.

You must show her that you are attracted to her and would like to pursue a romantic relationship immediately, because once you’re dropped into the “friends zone”, it’s near to impossible to get out.

You must learn to convey your SEXUAL interest in a woman to her very quickly, which is typically done by saying something to her that a friend would never say, such as “You turn me on” or “You’re sexy”.

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