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How to get free drinks from women


Get Free Drinks From Girls It’s simple: tell them you don’t drink and look very hesitant to try out your “first” beer 🙂 People always have that urge to break someone’s “alcohol virginity” once they find out you have never been under the influence of alcohol and will go out of their way to try to make you drunk, not worrying about their wallets. Note that...

Use this trick instead of pick up lines


Most Simple Pick Up Line Pick up lines? They’re all lame, they never work, and quite frankly you just don’t need them. What works best is a genuine smile and a simple “Hi”. This easy opener allows you to do a quick assessment of the girl and get a good idea of how the interaction is going to go down. Did she smile and return your greeting? If so, keep the ball rolling and...

Telling your age to an older woman


When She Asks Your Age Too often I see young guys flirting with older females, everything goes smooth and then the inevitable question pops up: “How old are you?” Most guys will try to come up with something like: “Old enough” or “Age is just a number.” What you are actually doing is proving your worthiness to her, you are trying to make yourself available for...

Tell if she likes you with eye contact


Her Eyes Say Everything This is perhaps one of the first things I learned when I joined the community: Eye contact. The importance of this is obvious for so many reasons, but let’s go through a routine that is both effective and a signal for you to act. This is very basic and all you have to do is look a woman in the eyes and maintain contact. If she doesn’t turn away then the next...

Easy dancing trick to impress women


Dance To Impress The Girls When you are at a party, bar, nightclub or anywhere else where people are dancing, look around for the worst looking girl you can find and ask her for a dance. More often than not, she will say yes if she is really not that great looking because I doubt many guys ask her to dance. Occasionally they will say no, usually because they are too shy or afraid of being put...

How To Easily Get Rid Of Cock Blockers


Dealing With Cock Blockers When with a girl and a chump comes up and tries to work his game on your chick (cock blocking), you’re gonna have to have a way to disarm him without coming off as insecure to your girl. The way to do this is what I call a “reverse cock block”. It works as follows: First, you need to wait for the chump to walk away. Immediately thereafter, smile at her...

Fortune cookie can get you nookie


The Fortune Cookie Trick Go to your local Chinese restaurant and have them put your phone number inside of a fortune cookie. Trust me, they have a trick. They know how to and can do it. When you see a girl that you like you like (this works much better during day game, but not so well at a bar or club) walk up to her and say “Want me to tell you your fortune?” She’ll most likely...

Gaming girls that are older than you


Picking Up Older Women So I’ve told a bunch of people this tactic before and it’s something I use consistently. This is important for gaming older girls and is also a great tip for anyone concerned they are too young for a woman. Now inevitably age comes up, especially if you look younger and the girl is clearly older than you. Age should never be a factor and it should be avoided by...

Write her little notes to ask her out


Ask Her In A Letter Here’s a great little trick for those of you who are either still in High School or attending a University. So, you are sitting there in class listening to the teacher babble on about useless crap. But today, you just happen to be sitting next to a fine female specimen that you’d like to get to know. So since the teacher is babbling on, or maybe there are people...

Talking about traveling with women


Talk About Your Travels Most girls are interested in Traveling or exotic places. I’ve always gone to the Dominican Republic to party and I find that many upper-class Europeans go there. Don’t be afraid to learn a few different districts of world cities like Berlin or London. Example: “Oh, where are you from sugar? I’m from Tarnow, Poland.” “Oh? Tarnow!?! I had...

Free Seduction Guide

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