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The New Breed Review


Read a girl’s body language This is our evaluation and review of “The New Breed” by the Paragon Project. When a group of experts all sharing the same goal get together, the results can be truly remarkable. That is what makes “The New Breed” so special. The collective knowledge and tight collaboration of the Paragon Project team really shows through in this package. I...

Simple Seducer Review


FACT: You Can Get A Hot Girl TONIGHT! Simple Seducer Simple Seducer is a very straightforward book. That was the first impression I had, and still is what I believe after finishing it. The best way to describe it is that it’s more like a journey you take than just a book to read. There’s no “filler” material found in it at all, and it is completely linear in structure. It...

How To Be A Jerk Like Me Review


He Gets Waaaaaay More Girls Than You How To Be A Jerk Like Me What sets “Jerk Like Me” apart from the rest is its “fun factor”. It seems like just about every page in this book has at least one or two lines that will genuinely make you laugh out loud or smile, and all the while you’ll still be learning how to pick up hot girls. The writing in “How To Be A Jerk...

Rising Star Seduction Program Review


To be honest, I made the age-old mistake of judging a book by it’s cover when I first found “Rising Star”. I expected it to be all about soul mates, everlasting love, and other similar “sappy” topics that just don’t really teach you how to GET the girl in the first place. Man, was I proven wrong. The truth is that this Rising Star Program is a monster. It...

The Player’s Black Book Review


EVERYONE WHO READS IT… GETS LAID! The Players Black Book Obviously it would be bias for me to review my own book. I’d probably just give it a perfect 10 because I’m awesome and I know that the Black Book is awesome too. However, fair is fair, so I posted a poll to my VIP Newsletter and used the results to determine the score once the first 500 votes came in. Thanks to everyone...

A Crash Course In Seduction Review


NEW REVISED VERSION FOR 2015! A Crash Course In Seduction How would I describe “A Crash Course In Seduction”? Well, let’s just say that if you went to an actual University and they offered seduction as a course you could take (that would be pretty cool), THIS is the text book that you would bring to class every day. When it comes to covering everything from A to Z, this Crash...

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