Prepare your place before she comes

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Get Your Place Ready

Your ultimate goal when you go out on a date with a girl is to get her back to your place, so before you go out to meet her or pick her up it is always a good idea to get your crib prepared for her to be there.

Make sure to have everything clean and neat; vacuum your carpet, get all dirty dishes out of the sink, take the trash out if it is overflowing, put everything in it’s proper place and by all means hide any porn that you have somewhere where she will NEVER come across it 🙂

It’s also a good idea to have the slow jams ready on your stereo so that you can put it on easily when the two of you arrive without having to waste a bunch of good foreplay time.

If you like old school stuff some good music to use is Marvin Gaye, New Edition or Teddy Pendergrass.

If you like newer stuff then Jamie Foxx, 112 or Jagged Edge will get the job done nicely (not terribly new but works better than Drake or Chris Brown).

You will also want to set up the lighting in your place before you leave in order to set an automatically cozy and sexual atmosphere the moment you walk in the door with her.

The best way to do this is to have at least a few lamps in your crib that either fade to your liking or have pre-set low, medium and high settings.

When you leave, put the lamps on the lowest possible setting so they only light up the immediate area around them without lighting up the entire room.

The combination of the lights and music creates the perfect setting for things to go exactly the way you want them to, and you and she will be “bumpin’ uglies” in no time.

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