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Practice The Easy Way

If you went to the batting cages but never even touched a baseball bat before, would you start out in the fastest cage?

If you get extremely nervous when talking to girls, then you shouldn’t be trying to approach the type of hot girls that you are attracted to, you need practice first.

The best way to practice is with girls that you don’t really like that much because you won’t care about the outcome and have much less reason to be nervous.

If you like slim girls, then go practice gaming some big chicks.

If you like pretty faces, then go practice on some girls that have nice bodies but only average faces.

Doing this will not only help you get used to talking to girls in general and get rid of your nervousness, it will also give you some great experience in the field and an opportunity to test out (risk-free) all of the cool techniques that you are learning.

Speaking of techniques, here’s a great one for you to try if you want to kiss a girl, start to make out with her or start fooling around.

All you have to do is ask “Are you bored?” and if she says yes, then say “Let’s make this more interesting then” and just go in for the kiss.

This is a great opener to start kissing her and it has always worked for me.

Give it a shot!

– Simmy

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