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Playing games and teasing women


Playing Games – Teasing Women

During a new conversation, your initial attitude towards a woman you like should be slightly negative, yet very playful. Teasing women is the key to success at this stage.

Never be afraid to poke fun at her, because playing games (even if it may be childish) is a bigger part of flirting with a girl than you may think!

Every woman loves to have a little fun.

Above all else, beautiful girls respond positively to verbal conflict, which is why teasing women should be integrated into your game regardless of your personal style or preference.

This doesn’t need to be only verbal, as playful touching can play a huge role as well.

However, stick to verbally teasing her at first until she is comfortable enough with your touch.

Any man who can make a girl love him one minute and hate him the next, then keep her cycling through those emotions is surely going to succeed.

The more you push a girl away, the faster she will come running back towards you. Chances are she may even tell you to “stop playing games with me”, but all that really means is that whatever you are doing is definitely working.

This is what flirting is all about.

Keep in mind that what I’m talking about here is innocent flirting games, not serious stuff like talking to other girls behind her back (if it’s your girlfriend) or telling her that you love when (when you don’t) just to get into her pants.

Playing games with women like that is simply not cool. Don’t be an asshole.

Let’s get back on track:

When you test a girl (teasing is a test), they will occasionally respond to your test with a test of her own, thus calling your bluff and challenging your alpha attitude to see if you will cave in.

In this case, the correct course of action is to continue the escalation trend by testing her yet again, whether it be with a touch or just general teasing.

This playful continuation of the interaction is a necessary aspect of flirting.

When one side fails to have a “comeback”, they lose the game.

When the man loses, the interaction usually ends or will continue for a while but eventually lead to nowhere.

When the girl loses, she becomes more attracted to the man since he has passed her “screening process” of tests, the man is then in control.

Always remember: girls are constantly testing you, always keep this in your mind and you’ll be able to recognize and pass the tests before it’s too late.

The good news is that if she’s testing you, that means she likes you!

Women don’t tease and test men that they aren’t romantically interested in or to some degree attracted to, so don’t get confused and think that her testing you is a bad thing.

It’s actually one of the best indicators you have to go by to tell how much she’s feeling you.

Just don’t ruin it by failing to pass her tests.

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