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The best way to playfully tease girls


How to playfully tease girls

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion among men who are improving their game when it comes to teasing women. Most guys don’t know how to properly tease at all, let alone the best way to playfully tease girls successfully.

That is what you are about to learn.

So what exactly is teasing?

The most rudimentary way to explain teasing is that it’s simply a matured form of the way you used to tease girls when you were a child.

There’s a lot more to it than just that of course, but by basic definition that’s pretty much it.

Not fully understanding exactly what teasing a girl is all about is the reason why so many guys can’t do it properly and make mistakes.

Some dudes take it too seriously (they forget to make it fun) while others use it in a childish manner (they leave the matured part out).

Both are blunders, but by far the most common pitfall is thinking that “negs” still work and getting them confused with teasing.

It’s 2016, not 2006.

Negs had a good run… I guess

That’s not to say that a neg isn’t still a form of teasing, because it is. However the harshness of it really doesn’t get the job done anymore.

What does work is discreet teasing that slides below the radar in a positive way.

Did you know that multiple romantic comedy movies over the past few years have flat out had characters use the word “neg”?

Needless to say, women know what that shit is now. It’s important for your teasing to not cross that threshold and ultimately get you plopped into the “sleazy pick-up guy” category.

That’s not where you want to be.

Proper verbal teasing is basically a delicate balance between a mild insult and a mutually funny joke. It’s never inherently negative.

For example, when done properly it should be very obvious that you’re making fun of her, but done playfully enough that both of you end up laughing about it.

The general rule is; if she doesn’t at least smile (a genuine smile), then it didn’t work. Try again.

That was really the problem with negging girls from the start. Although that technique was effective at getting a girl attracted to you (years ago), it never made her feel good.

It actually made her feel worse.

Playfully teasing girls the way that I’m going to show you will get girls even more attracted to you because it encompasses all of the working elements of a neg, yet still leaves her with a good feeling about the interaction, the situation, and most importantly YOU.

Keeping it positive and fun

Teasing is not meant to be used to “lower a hot girl’s social status” down to your level.

You should always have the attitude of a high status male, so you don’t need to bring her self image down to your level in order for you to feel equal to her.

Losers do that.

Winners don’t need to bring anyone down to their level because their level is above the rest.

If anything you want to help build her up to your level – and make her feel the that connection – by teasing her in a positive way that leaves her with a memory of how much fun she had with you, not a memory of how much fun you had picking on her.

One very good example of this is taking the opportunity to playfully tease girls that have accents, but not making fun of their accent as a whole – that’s a neg and is not positive – but rather playfully poking fun of the way they say a particular word, trying to mimic them by saying the same word they way they say it.

That is not insulting and can lead to a very fun, positive and memorable interaction.

More often than not it will become an inside joke between the two of you (granted that you make sure to occasionally continue to tease her when she repeats that word). Over time she’ll even grow to expect you to tease her, and you’ll catch her purposely trying to emphasize her pronunciation of that word to provoke you into teasing her about it.

Why? Because she absolutely loves it.

This isn’t limited to foreign accents either. Have you ever heard a southern girl say the word “foil” or a northern girl say the word “drawer”?

There you go.

There’s always a time and a place

When is it appropriate to playfully tease girls?

This can get a bit tricky because not every girl is the same and their personal preferences will differ, but here’s some general rules to follow:

Teasing women is the most effective when you have her isolated and are alone with her.

That’s not to say that you can’t do it in front of other people – even her friends – but that is best left for once you know the girl well enough to understand her personality and insecurities.

One girl might become embarrassed or offended when teased around others, while another girl will be 100% cool with it.

How frequent you tease a particular girl will also be dependent entirely on her as an individual.

If she seems to not be able to get enough of it and you notice her going out of her way to purposely “set herself up” to be teased, then go full force.

If she is only mildly entertained, then use it sparingly whenever the interaction needs a quick injection of humor or starts to go stale.

Playfully teasing girls in front of their family is an entirely different ballgame.

In these situations you should never tease her without first seeing an opening given to you by one of her family members.

For example if her brother cracks a joke about her, that’s your time to chime in a get some teasing in.

This will also help build rapport with her brother – which she will see happening – only further solidifying you as a good choice.

If you are in a long term relationship it’s pretty much open season for teasing.

Whether you are just dating, living together or married, by that point you should know exactly how much teasing she prefers and can do it every chance you get.

This is important for ALL relationships because you don’t want her view of you to change from the fun, playful guy who keeps her on her toes to a boring, serious dude who just goes through the same dull routine every day.

Remember those rules and you’re good!

Most importantly, remember not to playfully tease girls so harshly that you make them feel like shit. That’s not how real men do it.

If it’s not positive and fun, you’re doing it wrong!

How about you just learn all of the best insider secrets for how to flirt and playfully tease girls all in one place?

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