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The Player Knows: ~ Shoes
Your shoes are possibly the most important part of your outfit! Take my advice and you'll always have the best looking feet in town. Trust me, women notice the shoes that men are wearing almost immediately.
When it comes to attracting women, your shoes are very, VERY important! Women tend to notice what is on your feet almost immediately, and they will judge you based on what they observe. At times they will even openly voice their opinions, whether positive or negative. With that in mind, pay very close attention to what kind of shoes you purchase and the condition of them after being worn for a while. Always try to maintain their "brand new" look for as long as possible.
FACT: Your shoes are the MOST important part of your outfit!
If you are still wearing the same beat-up Reebok Classics that you got for Christmas three years ago, you are going to have an extremely hard time getting what you came to this web site to learn how to get... feel me? The style of your shoes and making sure that you are wearing the right type of footwear with a particular outfit are key elements also, and I will be going into detail on each.
First and foremost, having clean shoes is paramount. Hot women do not want to be seen with a man wearing old, dirty, stained shoes, just as much as you don't want to be seen with a girl with an ugly face. If you want to get and maintain the interest of women, you are going to have to make sure that you either have brand new shoes, or take good care of those that you already have. Keeping what is on your feet looking nice is a reflection of your character and how much pride you take in your appearance. Women think that if a man doesn't even take care of his shoes, he must be lazy in other aspects of life. Chicks dig guys who appear to be motivated and ambitious, not dudes who are slackers and don't care about their appearance or personal property.
Having busted shoes is not a good way to make a first impression! However, you might not be in the best shape financially right now, which is understandable. But what isn't acceptable is not working with what you already have and making the most of it. So, if you can't afford to grab a new pair of shoes right now, the next best thing is to get your old shoes looking their best.

You'd be surprised by what a little "shoe makeover" can do to your old, ugly shoes. Even if they are beyond repair, my cleaning method below will at least get them in the best shape possible which is better than what they look like now. Here's how to restore your old shoes:

Shoe Cleaning: For leather or suede sneakers (and rubber soles)
First give the shoes a general wipe-down with water and a rag/paper towel to remove any excess dirt laying on the surface. Next get a bowl of water and mix in a small amount of bleach (for white shoes/soles) or soap (for other colors), just enough to make the water fairly cloudy. Now soak your rag/paper towel in the bleach/soap solution that you've created and apply it to the shoe with a hard rubbing motion, you may have to scrub pretty hard depending on the condition of your shoe and how much time the dirt had to "settle in". Do not dry the shoe, leave it wet and covered in the bleach/soap solution for now. Next, find an old toothbrush (or a new one, they only cost $1) and use it to scrub the sole of the shoe and any other areas that need special attention. Once you are finished scrubbing, rinse the rag off completely with warm water, then soak the rag in clean water and use it to rinse the entire shoe off, thus removing all remaining bleach or soap residue. Now just dry the shoe off and you are finished. Repeat all steps to clean the other shoe, then spray some form of air-freshener or cologne inside them to kill any bad smells, and you're done! If your shoes do not look fresh and brand new after this, then you are going to have to buy some new shoes.

NOTE: As stated earlier, for shoes that are not all-white do not use bleach! Instead, follow the above instructions but only use soap and water. Bleach can ruin some colored shoes, so be careful. However, if the shoes have all-white soles then you can use the bleach on the soles, but do so carefully and avoid the colored areas.

Don't wait till they get old! Always take care of your shoes by cleaning them on a regular basis to ensure that you'll get at least a few good months out of them. What works best for me is to simply give them a quick cleaning just before I go out. No matter how much your shoes cost, or how well you clean them, they are not going to look fresh forever. So, when they start looking a little old it's time for you to hit up the mall and get a pair or choose some out of my awesome recommendations listed below.

I like to wear sneakers almost all of the time, and there are a few important factors that you should use to determine which type of sneakers are right for you, and what colors you should buy:

K-Swiss Speyer Classic
Perfect classic sneaker for the warmer months! Get a pair of these if you are looking for something that will be comfortable and still match many outfits without sacrificing style, so you can still impress the ladies!
Click Here To Buy Them Online

Style Selection
Regardless of what you may currently believe, it is not important to choose the style of your footwear based upon your lifestyle. Just because you play sports does not mean you should wear athletic shoes all of the time, or if you have a job at a large corporation that you are required to always wear dress shoes, or if you don't do much at all that you should roll around in sandals

Please DO NOT wear athletic shoes outside of the gym!

Instead, your shoes should always be chosen based on the purpose for which you will use them. You came to this web site to learn how to improve you game and increase your chances of success with women, so with that in mind I will mainly focus on teaching you about the best type of shoes that are very appealing to women and can be universally used for seduction purposes. When it comes to serving this purpose, nothing beats stylish sneakers.

Don't misunderstand me and think that you should wear sneakers everywhere, because certain occasions/situations demand that you dress accordingly and sneakers may not be the right fit. However, 90% of the time that you will spend in the field actually meeting new women will be done at venues in which sneakers are entirely appropriate. Sneakers are the best choice because the sheer amount of options they present when it comes to style and color, which allows you to really stand out from the crowd and get compliments from women on your sense of style.

Cool shoes = great first impressions!

That is only if you can choose the right kind of sneakers, of course. Luckily, I've done the hard work for you and have put together a huge selection of eye-catching sneakers for you to choose from below. The only thing that you need to do is pick your favorite and you are good to go. Every shoe that I've chosen is highly stylish and guaranteed to grab attention and compliments!

Color Selection
Selecting what color shoes to buy is a little harder than picking out a style, but fortunately the hottest trend in sneakers going on right now is intricate designs containing many colors (and sometimes even graphics/artwork). Not only does this make the sneakers impressive looking, unique, and appealing to women, it also allows you to match a single pair with many different outfits. The designs on almost all of the "in style" shoes at the moment contain many colors, which makes matching them to a wide range of different outfits a breeze. This trend will eventually pass, so I highly urge you to take advantage of it while it's still the "in thing".

Match, match, and match some more! This is extremely important. You always want your entire outfit as a whole to look "put together" rather than "thrown together", get my drift? This doesn't mean that if you want to wear a green shirt and blue jeans that your shoes need to be solid green, but it does mean that they should have some green in them or are offset by something else. For example, if one of the main colors in your shoes is black but you don't have a shirt to match them, you can easily offset this by wearing a black leather wrist band (thick cuff style, not the thin ones). Doing so will bring everything together nicely. The point that I am trying to make is that even though your shoes don't need to match everything, they need to match something.

Want compliments? Choose shoes that are unique & eye catching!
Timberland Men's Rag Top Boot
Wow! These are probably the hottest looking boots I've ever seen, and they look even better on your feet! Grab yourself a pair of these bad boys and you will definitely be looking top notch all winter long!
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As you will soon notice when you see my kick-ass recommendations listed below, having shoes that are different than what all of the other guys are wearing will demand the attention of women. Having shoes that are highly stylized and unique is the key to transforming your footwear from just being the things protecting your feet, into great conversation pieces or even the key to starting new conversations in the first place!

Women aren't attracted to guys who like to "play it safe" and just fit in with the crowd. They want men who have the balls to stand out and express their individuality through their appearance.

Wearing sneakers that look special in contrast to what other men are wearing is a great way to stand out from the rest with minimal effort on your part. Follow these guidelines and you will always be one step ahead of the competition when it comes to your appearance. Never forget that your shoes are a key ingredient in your overall appearance, so always keep them fresh!

Below I have included pictures and links to the hottest sneakers and boots out right now, the same brands that I've been wearing. If you purchase them online you'll save a few bucks!

Christian Audigier Shoes
Christian Audigier ShoesThe designs below truly speak for themselves, so I don't really think I need to explain to you just how cool Christian Audigier shoes look. Everything from the high quality materials used to make them to the intricate designs are exceptional. They also feel great on your feet as well, very comfortable just like any normal pair of sneakers. However, these obviously aren't average sneakers, and wearing them will guarantee compliments will be coming your way left and right.
My favorite Christian Audigier Shoes:

Ed Hardy Shoes
Ed Hardy ShoesTo many, Ed Hardy has become more than a brand of clothing and has evolved into a major symbol in our modern pop culture. When people look back at this time in history, they will picture people wearing Ed Hardy gear just like we think about leather studded jackets and tight jeans with holes in them when we think about the 1980's. Even though Ed Hardy is slowly fading out of style, their shoes are more popular than ever and the fashionable style that they represent is undeniable.
My favorite Ed Hardy shoes:

Converse Shoes
Converse ShoesConverse are lightweight, have a great sense of style, and have stood the test of time. No shoes are as iconic and classic as Converse All Stars. Right down to the rubber these are the real deal, I wouldn't be surprized if Converse were still in style 5-10 years into the future. You simply can't go wrong with Converse, and every player should have at least one pair in his closet. These are great for casual, everyday use. Converse are my go-to shoes for the spring and summer months.
My favorite Converse shoes:

Timberland Boots
Timberland BootsThe exceptional quality that comes along with the Timberland name tag ensures that when you purchase a pair of these boots, you won't need another pair for a very long time. They are built to last, and that they do. These insulated, waterproof leather boots are made using direct-attach construction for a watertight seal that's guaranteed to keep feet dry and comfortable. Aside from quality, Timberland boots are by far the best looking boots currently on the market, and it's obvious.
My favorite Timberland Boots:

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