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The Player Knows: ~ Movies
You can learn a lot more from hollywood than you think! Check out these hand-picked movies that contain a wealth of information on picking up women. They may not be designed to teach you, but they can.
Movies are a valuable reference for all players, not only because they can be entertaining, but because they can be very educational as well if you know which ones to watch. Just about everyone sits down to relax and watch a movie every once in a while, so while you're at it why not learn a few things that can possibly help you pick up more women? It's a no-brainer.
Watching the right movies can actually be one of the best ways to learn how to deal with women in the real world, because you can see and hear the way that the actors portraying these master seducers engage with the women that they are picking up. In many cases, this visual way of learning is the best for some people, and seeing it in action may actually help you learn how to properly visulaize and use all of the stuff that you are learning here at Becomeaplayer.com.
Below I've put together a list of my favorite movies that are related to dealing with women, all of which can teach you a ton of useful tips if you pay close attention and have an open mind. I've included links to purchase them online at discounted prices, the lowest I could possibly find, so if you can't find them at your local video store you can always buy them here for less. Enjoy!
The Tao Of Steve
The title refers to the prototypical cool guy, a Steve McQueen, Steve McGarrett or Steve Austin, a man without need who has the ability to attract woman effortlessly. It`s the code by which a group of guys try to live, particularly articulate philosopher king Dex (Logue), an oversized kindergarten teacher with a hyper sex drive and a charming and incredibly effective way with women that somehow gets them to chase him. Dex is self-indulgence personified, until he meets Syd (Goodman) - an old college fling who doesn`t respond to his technique and uncovers a person who still may be able to grow up. Starring: Donal Logue, Matthew Hotsinpiller, Greer Goodman, James "Kimo" Wills, Ayelet Kaznelson, David Aaron Baker, Nina Jaroslaw, John Hines, Selby Craig, and Craig D. Lafayette. Directed By: Jenniphr Goodman. Running Time: 87 Min., Color. This film is presented in "Widescreen" format. Copyright 2000 Columbia TriStar Home Video.
The Player's Rating 10/10 : $21.10 - Buy it online

A British bachelor in Manhattan named Alfie Elkins (Jude Law) balances several relationships at once, but eventually his womanizing makes him question his seemingly carefree lifestyle. In Manhattan, the British limousine driver (Alfie) is surrounded by beautiful women, most of them clients, and he lives as a Don Juan, having one night stands with all of them and without any sort of commitment. His girl-friend and single-mother Julie (Marisa Tomei) is quite upset with the situation and his best friends are his colleague Marlon (Omar Epps) and his girl-friend Lonette (Nia Long). Alfie has a brief affair with Lonette, and the consequences of his act forces Alfie to reflect and wonder about his life style.
The Player's Rating 10/10 : $23.96 - Buy it online

Van Wilder
Van Wilder is a guy who has been at his college for seven years. He spends most of his time throwing parties and "fund raisers". When his father decides that it's time for tough love, he doesn't pay his tuition. So Van becomes a professional party thrower. At the same time, Gwen who writes for the college paper, is tasked with doing a story on him, but Van is too busy partying to do that. So she writes it using info from people who talk about him and writes an unflattering piece, which doesn't make him happy. He then dares her to see if she can get the true story but is more interested in trying to score with her, which is not easy because she has a boyfriend, who is a snob, and who is not too happy with the amount time she is spending with him. So he tries to get rid of him.
The Player's Rating 10/10 : $14.99 - Buy it online

Hitch (Will Smith) is Alex Hitchens, a professional romance consultant or Date Doctor. If you're a lonely, single man in New York City, he's the guy you want to call. Hitch believes that, under the right circumstances, any man can win the heart of any woman. Arranging those circumstances and making sure they're exactly right is where he comes in. Say you're a clumsy, overweight business executive like Albert Brenneman (Kevin James) and you're hopelessly in love with the beautiful heiress you work for (Amber Valletta), Hitch will make your dreams come true. He'll teach you how to make a strong first impression and he'll coach you through the first date, the first dance and the first kiss.
The Player's Rating 9/10 : $19.52 - Buy it online

How To Be A Player
This film features a first-rate ensemble cast led by Bill Bellamy (Love Jones), Natalie Desselle (B.A.P.S.), Mari Morrow (Virtuosity), Lark Voorhies (NBC's Saved By The Bell), Gilbert Gottfried (Aladdin), and former supermodel Beverly Johnson. It was directed by renowned music video director Lionel Martin who has worked with major forces in the urban music industry including Boyz II Men, Toni Braxton and Whitney Houston. Meet Dray Jackson (Bellamy). People call him a Player . He is handsome, charming, clever and smooth. He has it all -- the car, the clothes, the job. Women love him. And Dray loves women. Dray's friends, David, Kilo and Spootie are not players, but their goal is to become players. Hence, one beautiful day in Southern California they embark on a mission to study Dray's master technique. They observe Dray's lucid ability to move from woman to woman without ever sparking suspicion from his steady girlfriend Lisa (Voorhies). However, Dray's carefree, dishonest attitude is about to be challenged. Meet Dray's sister Jenny (Desselle). Jenny is an intelligent woman with a feminist temperament. On behalf of women everywhere Jenny is determined to teach her brother a lesson -- to out-play the player. Dray's past and present girlfriends unite to thrown him a surprise party. What emerges is a hilarious battle between the sexes.
The Player's Rating 9/10 : $9.88 - Buy it online

Brilliant filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson spins a tale of Altmanesque proportions with Magnolia, the story of numerous characters interacting throughout a single day in Los Angeles. The events take us through just about every conceivable level of emotional torment, and yet the sum total of the film is a bright and enlightening revelation that concludes with one of the most astounding and surreally hilarious climaxes ever put to film. The movie stars a seemingly endless stream of talented stars, from Tom Cruise and Jason Robards to William H. Macy and Julianne Moore, all of whom deliver outstanding performances. This Platinum Edition DVD contains deleted scenes, a feature length making of documentary and numerous other worthwhile features. Tom Cruise plays the role of a real life seduction guru in this film, it is a must see.
The Player's Rating 9/10 : $35.99 - Buy it online

Don Juan DeMarco
A young man (who is the legendary Don Juan?), comes to New York in search of his lost love. Feeling like he has nothing to live for, he attempts to commit suicide from atop a billboard. Dr. Mickler, (played by Marlon Brando), is a soon retiring psychiatrist who helps Don Juan (Johnny Depp), come to his senses. He brings the costumed boy to the psychiatric hospital , in hopes of helping Don Juan find his identity. The doctor works with him for ten days, in which Don tells his life story. Mickler begins to believe that the young man is truly Don Juan, but the rest of the staff doesn't agree. The doctor knows that the only way out for Don Juan, is to pretend he's an average boy whose fantasy got the best of him.
The Player's Rating 8/10 : $8.47 - Buy it online

Fight Club
You're young. You have an easy, well-paid deskjob. You have a condo, Swedish furniture, artistic coffee tables and a fridge full of condiments. Yet you feel emotionally and spiritually empty. You eventually find comfort in going to support groups for lukemia and cancer victims when there's nothing wrong with you until they're hijacked from you by another faker. Then you meet Tyler Durden, a man that shows you that not only can you live without material needs but that self-destruction, the collapse of society and making dynamite from soap might not be such a bad idea either. A ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until an eccentric gets in the way and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.
The Player's Rating 8/10 : $14.52 - Buy it online

Wedding Crashers
Wilder! Longer! Funnier! More footage and more laughs make this Uncorked Edition a bust-a-gut, roll-in-the-aisle (Maxim) comedy and the most raucous party of the year!John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn), Washington D.C.'s top divorce mediators and lifelong best friends, have never met a wedding they couldn't charm their way into. Guided by a secret set of wedding crashing rules, the pair attends a different wedding -- and romances different bridesmaids -- every week. But, when they crash the social event of the season, John falls for the daughter (Rachel McAdams) of an influential and eccentric politician (Christopher Walken) and decides to break the rules in pursuit of her love. What results is a wild weekend at her family's palatial estate where the ultimate crashers quickly find themselves in way over their heads!
The Player's Rating 8/10 : $16.86 - Buy it online

Roger Dodger
Set against the bright lights of Manhattan, a tale which takes a comic, urbane look at the modern male ego at war in the singles scene trenches. Roger Swanson is a hopelessly cynical advertising copywriter with a razor-sharp wit who believes he has mastered the art of manipulating women. But Roger's seemingly foolproof world of smooth talk and casual sex begins to unravel when he is paid a surprise visit by his teenager nephew, Nick. Hoping to settle, once and for all, the issue of his virginity, Nick begs Roger to school him in the art of seducing women. Welcoming the challenge, Roger guides Nick through the city's wild nightlife for an all-night crash course, only to realize that he--the adult--still has something to learn about what women, and men, really want.
The Player's Rating 7/10 : $8.99 - Buy it online

What Women Want
Nick Marshall, Playboy and Hot Shot in advertising, thinks he's God's gift to women. Nick, the divorced "man's man" who can charm almost any woman into bed makes this high-concept comedy a must see. After a little accident, he discovers that he is suddenly able to hear what women really think. First, Nick is pretty disappointed when he discovers that his beloved macho behaviour does not exactly contribute to being desired. Then, his upcoming dream position in the company is being given to a new team member: Darcy, not only a woman, but a man-eating one, also is a very talented ad expert. So, Nick decides to sabotage his new boss by reading her thoughts and selling her ideas as his own. Unfortunately, love gets in his way.
The Player's Rating 7/10 : $10.39 - Buy it online

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