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How to play hard to get with a girl


Play hard to get with a girl

Sure, you’ve heard about playing hard to get, but do you know why this simple dating strategy works so well to attract girls? More importantly, do you know how to play hard to get with a girl the correct way to take advantage of this technique and drive girls crazy for you?

Let me break it down for you.

Think of it this way:

Remember way back when you were snot-nosed little kid and your parents told that you couldn’t have something? That made you want it twice as bad, right?

We will go to great lengths to gain possession of what we can not have, simply because it is a natural human instinct to strive for what is just out of our reach.

It keeps us moving forward, not just as individuals, but as a whole.

If this were not built into our minds the way it is, I highly doubt that our society would be even remotely close to being as evolved as it is today. We would simply lack the necessary motivation to achieve all of the great things that we have.

Long ago, somebody got tired of walking, so he trained a horse.

Then someone thought horses were too slow, so he built a car.

The next dude wanted to fly instead of drive, so he made a plane.

Then some guy wanted to fly into outer space, and made a spaceship.

You get the idea.

When you apply this same hard to get principle to the dating game, it will prove to be one of the most powerful seduction tricks up your sleeve. Playing hard to get is much more important than you may think, and in my personal opinion it is almost necessary to use on at least some sort of level if you plan on getting and keeping any beautiful girls.

You need to learn how to play hard to get with a girl because it’s a vital skill for keeping them attracted and interested in you.

I say that because just as we want what we can not have, in turn we do not want what we can easily get. If you do not play hard to get with a girl at all, you are instead placing yourself in the “easy to get” category, which is exactly where you don’t want to be.

You need to create demand and desire, not just hand yourself over to a girl.

ESPECIALLY if she is a hot girl!

Playing hard to get with girls is a fairly simple concept once you’ve learned the rules, and that is what I’m about to teach you. The only tricky part is being able to stick with it, because it will require you to fight certain urges that can become quite strong.

You need to learn how to forget everything you’ve learned in your life about what girls want, and stop doing the things that modern society keeps telling you is real.

This is the truth you were never told:

Hot girls have sex with the bad boy who knocks over their vase accidentally and still thinks it was funny, but never sleep with the nice guy who put flowers in it.

Hot girls chase after the guy who won’t return all of their calls, but they run from the guy who won’t stop texting until she finally answers just to shut him up.

Hot girls never cheat on boyfriends who seem like they don’t care, but always cheat on a jealous boyfriend who looks through her phone and always keeps tabs on her.

Hot girls will wait around for as long as it takes for a date with a guy who is always busy, but they shoot down the guys who are always available at a moment’s notice.

Notice the trend?

They want what they can’t have, they want the chase, they NEED a challenge.

They want a man that knows how to play hard to get with a girl. They just can’t help it.

Now in the above examples, technically the guys who aren’t getting laid or keeping the girl really didn’t do anything wrong. Movies, music and your mom have told you that girls want to be given flowers, showered with attention, protected, and that you should spend a lot of time with them.

So what is going wrong here?

To be blunt, girls just don’t want ANY of that shit. Even if they tell you that they do.

Even if they actually believe that they do!

It’s all just a fairy tale, a fantasy. They love to think about Prince Charming, but they don’t really WANT Prince Charming. They want Prince Challenge and Mr. Hard To Get.

This is why so many men fail with girls and have no clue WHY they are failing.

It is because they give in to these false beliefs about what girls want that have been programmed into society, and act upon the urges that seem to be the right thing to do at the time, when in reality they should be doing the opposite!

Overcoming these urges is next to impossible for a man who is uneducated on this subject and does not even know that giving in to these urges is a mistake, because they just “feel” like the right thing to do. That is why I call this the tricky part.

With that in mind let’s move on to the most important stuff, the rules to follow when you play hard to get with a girl:

– Always appear to be busy, even when you aren’t. Lie or fake it if you have to. If you pick up the phone when a girl calls you and answer the question “What are you doing?” with “Nothing” then you’ve just made a huge (but very common) mistake. When you always seem to be busy you are displaying to others that you are an interesting person with an exciting life, the type of life that a girl would like to be involved in. On the other hand, when you never seem to be doing much you will be viewed as a boring person. If you are trying to be attractive to girls, boring will just not make the cut, enough said.

– Always make it obvious that you are attracted to her, but never let her know how much you really like her. Even if you are madly in love with her and can’t seem to think about anything else, always make her believe that you like her ten times less than you actually do.

– Never initiate anything that has to do with a commitment. If you want her to be your girlfriend wait until she brings the subject up. Remember that you’ve got to control these urges!

– On that same note; never tell her that you love her before she tells you first, and when she tells you for the first time don’t let her know that the feeling is mutual right away, wait a few days. This is a very important rule to play hard to get with a girl. If you mess this up it will be the beginning of the end, which will come rather quickly.

– Unless you are engaged in a long-term relationship, never stay on the phone with a girl for more than five minutes. Many men make this mistake thinking that it is a good thing because they are getting to know the girl, but what they are actually doing is showing the girl that they have nothing better to do than sit around chatting. This is exactly what I was talking about earlier; you must appear to be busy ALL of the time, so when her five minutes are up tell her that you have something to do and need to get off of the phone.

– Do not always accept her invitations to hang out. I like to call this the 50/50 rule because you should only accept about half of the time. While the other half you should gently refuse with your excuse being that you have something important to do.

– Never act as if her behavior bothers you, even if it does. For example, if she flirts with another guy or if you see her with someone else, act like you could really care less (only if she is not your girlfriend yet, obviously). She is only trying to make you jealous in order to find out how much you really like her, and you are never supposed to let her know that, remember? Plus becoming jealous is a sign of insecurity, which is not a very attractive character trait.

There are many more techniques that you can throw into the mix when you need to play hard to get with a girl to amplify this effect.

If you jump into my Black Book you’ll find my own personal favorite strategy to play hard to get with a girl along with many other powerful techniques that make it work incredibly well when used together.

If you’re interested in stepping up to the next level, check it out.

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