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Pick Up Artist Videos ~ Watch 'Em
Welcome to my collection of videos for pick up artists! Here you will find videos of live, in-field pick ups as well as footage of seminars and other educational pieces made by pick up artists, gurus and amateurs.
Seeing is believing...
Below you will find a growing collection of videos related to picking up women. These videos have been made by pick up artists, gurus and even amateurs. I plan on creating a huge archive of pick up videos in this section that will include in-field demonstrations, seminar footage and other miscellaneous videos. These are great for not only expanding your knowledge, but actually seeing some things in action so you can better execute your own material in the field. I will be constantly updating this page with new videos as I continue to find new ones that impress me, so check back often. If you know of any GOOD videos that I do not have on this page yet, let me know about them.
My Favorite Pick Up Videos...
David DeAngelo: Cocky Comedy Seminar
I love the way that David DeAngelo can make his seminars feel like it's just a bunch of guys hanging out rather than a boring professor lecturing his students. Watch this video and learn what cocky & funny is about, from the pioneer of that concept himself. This video is very educational and will teach you all about the balance that is necessary for the cocky comedy mentality to be successful for you. This ten minute video is a compilation of clips that highlight one of David DeAngelo's seminars on cocky comedy.
Length: 10:16 - Watch the video >>
PUA Training: Promotional Video
This is a short and inspirational video that will show you what PUA Training is all about and what you should expect to get out of one of their products and/or boot camps. Gambler, the PUA Training CEO, isn't afraid to admit and even show you that he was an AFC that turned into a pick up artist almost overnight, and with PUA Training he says that he can do the same for you!
Length: 2:29 - Watch the video >>
Juggler's Seduction School: 5 Part Series
This series of videos is a tale of three AFC men, all of whom have serious problems with attracting women because of the way that they feel about their own bodies. In these reality TV style videos, pick up guru Juggler takes these three men under his wing and hurls them full force into a training program designed to break them free from their inhibitions so they can achieve what none of them ever thought they would, which is phenomenal success with women! You must watch this series.
Length: 48:32 (total time) - Watch the video >>
David DeAngelo: Meet Women Online
In my opinion, online dating is one of those things that you will either love or hate. If meeting women online is something that you've considered doing in the past, then you should most definitely check out this video as it will teach you some of the basics and even introduce you to some men who have successfully met hot women online in the past. More than likely, this video will leave you wanting more. If you do, check out the CD/DVD page.
Length: 5:42 - Watch the video >>
Mystery: Opening
In this short video, Mystery displays his ability to open and maintain sets with women in a club atmosphere. In order to learn much from this video, you need to play close attention to not only what Mystery says, but also how he moves and his overall body language. If you can do that then you should be able to learn quite a bit from this, from negging to rapport and comfort building. Mystery is surely one of the most entertaining pick up artists to watch in the field, watch this and you'll know why.
Length: 2:42 - Watch the video >>
PUA Training: Day Game Live Pick Up
This is a decent pick up from a verbal standpoint, so you should be able to get some good tips from it on how to approach and open a complete stranger on the street. However, you may notice that the pick up artist in the video has his shoulder orientation pointing directly towards his target for almost the entire duration of this clip, which is conveying way too much interest in her. His target on the other hand has very good body language, she is turned away from him most of the time, not displaying her interest. If their body languages were swapped, this would be a truly great pick up. Worth watching though.
Length: 4:25 - Watch the video >>
David DeAngelo: Training Program
This video contains numerous testimonials and does a good job of highlighting David DeAngelo's training program seminars. You'll see real men who's lives have been changed by this material explaining how the Double Your Dating training program has made that possible. Watching this video will help you decide if attending a live training program would be for you or not.
Length: 8:23 - Watch the video >>
Live Street Pickup in London
Even though the pick up artist in this video uses only basic material during the set, he does everything extremely well. His body language and movement is good, and the parts of the conversation that I could understand were well done. The background noise in this can get annoying, and Americans like me will find that the combination of noise plus their English accents make it very hard to understand at times. The way that he faces the girl in the green shirt most of the time rather than facing directly towards the one in yellow is perfect, because the better looking girl in the yellow shirt is his target and it is important for him not to convey his interest right away.
Length: 8:58 - Watch the video >>

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