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How to pick up girls with your phone


Pick up girls with your phone

I’m being serious when I say that you can pick up girls with your phone. It might seem like a strange topic at first glance, but I bet you’re going to say “Oh damn! I wish I had thought of that sooner” long before you finish reading this article.

This is a very uncommon and overlooked strategy, but it can work wonders.

Before we begin, take a look at everything that you’re wearing at this very moment.

I’d be willing to bet that if you were to add up the cost of all the clothes you have on your back right now, it would be less than the cost of the little – yet so very important – device that you’ve got in your pocket.

So if you’re going to be carrying around an electronic device at all times that is worth hundreds of dollars, why not use it to pick up girls?

I’m not talking about showing it off, like “Hey babe, check this out, I got the new iPhone that just came out!”

That’s definitely NOT a good way to impress and pick up a woman with your phone.

So, what’s the right way to use your phone to pick up girls?

One word…


You’ve probably seen people doing this plenty of times before; a pair of friends are sharing the headphones to an iPhone so they can listen to the same music.

Think about how they seem to be having a deep rapport isolated from everyone around them. If you ask me that sounds like an ideal situation to be in with a girl that you like, wouldn’t you agree?

An added bonus is that you can learn more about her personality and current mood based off of what songs she picks as well as open up many opportunities for touching her (both casually and sexually, depending upon the situation and environment).

Alright, when should you use your phone to pick up a girl?

The best time to use this strategy is after the two of you have already established somewhat of a connection, or at least a few minutes after opening the conversation.

This also works extremely well if you’re gaming a girl whom you see regularly, say at work or in school.

Even better, this is a perfect fit for when you are on one of the first dates you’ve had with the girl. It can turn awkward into awesome.

Cool, but how do you get her engaged and begin the process?

To set this up you need to first bring up the subject of music, and find out what type she likes.

If she says that she is a fan of an artist that you also like, you can say something along the lines of “Hey, I like them too. I just downloaded one of their new songs on my phone, and it’s great. Here, let’s listen to it.”

If she names off a bunch of artists that you’ve never heard of before you can say “Cool, I’ve always wanted to hear some of their music. Do you have your phone with you?”

From there just keep the whole listening thing going and watch as her body language starts to say that she is becoming increasingly more comfortable and attracted to you.

Now that you two are rocking out to the music together, why don’t we get a little touching going on?

Now that it’s time to throw some touch into the factor, let me give you some tips.

Here are a couple things you could do in order of how they probably should escalate:

– Let her hold the phone, and when you go to change the song or check to see what’s playing grab her entire hand or lower arm and bring it up to your line of sight.

– Whisper something into the ear that she doesn’t have the ear bud in. To do this just reach your hand across her front and gently turn her head towards you as you move your head to the opposite side of hers so that her nose is right above your shoulder. That ought to let her catch a whiff of that nice cologne you threw on.

– She might try to say something back to you. You can take your index finger and put it on her lips in the “hush” gesture. This is especially effective since her upper lip is very sensitive to touch stimulation.

– Just put your arm around her shoulder/ waist. So long as you’re sure to do it casually and confidently she probably won’t have any problem with it so long as you’ve been watching her reactions closely enough for signs that she is interested.

Of course you should also continue using other touch tricks like you would in any other conversation.

This is a pretty simple and straightforward strategy, but it’s one that not many guys will consciously think of ever using. That alone makes it even more effective since there’s a good chance that the girl you’re after has never had another man do this to her before.

This strategy works best if you prepare for it somewhat ahead of time.

Make sure that you have a fairly diverse catalog of music on your phone (and the most popular, latest tracks), because the chances that she is also a fan of the exact same music you listen to are quite slim. She may like some of the stuff you do, but not all of it. Keep a wide selection just to be safe.

Also an interesting or funny cover on your phone (or wallpaper) could make for a great conversation topic.

While you’re listening to the music with her I recommend trying to choose songs that are somewhat sexual and arousing, but not blatantly so. This is not required, but can be a nice bonus.

Being able to pick up girls with your phone with a nice little unknown trick, but if you want some seriously powerful techniques for seduction you should go read “A Crash Course In Seduction”.

That 200+ page book is perfect for beginners and is packed with a ton of great info.

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