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5 secret ways to pick up girls at clubs


How to pick up girls at clubs

Get your hair cut, put on your best outfit, go out, pick up girls at clubs and take one of them home for some good sex.

It sounds pretty simple on paper, right?

However – as most men already know – it can be much more difficult than that in real life.

So much so that tons of guys go out on a regular basis and consistently strike out with women, regardless of their efforts.

I’ve seen plenty of men get frustrated when it comes to picking up girls at clubs.


They think it should be easy.

The common misconception is that since they are drinking, out to have a good time, and probably looking for a man, then the girls at clubs should be relatively easy to score with.

Actually, the opposite is the real truth.

When girls go to a bar or a club, they are expecting to be hit on by multiple guys while they are there.

This knowledge makes them prepared for your approach, so you no longer have the element of a pleasant surprise at your disposal as you would have when picking up a woman at the beach or a grocery store.

All of a their defensive “shields” are on full blast, so you need a little extra game to be successful and pick up girls at clubs.

This makes clubs a daunting place to get girls for a novice, yet at the same time also the best place to practice and hone your skills.

Don’t let my words dissuade you from the idea of going out to the club though, because in this article I’m going to teach you exactly how to elevate your skill level to the point where impressing and picking up women at clubs will be quite simple.

It’s not easy without knowledge, but very easy with it.

The most important piece of knowledge you must learn is that to pick up girls at clubs you need to stop focusing on trying to do the right things, since this is much more about not doing the wrong things.

Most importantly, not actively trying to impress women. Showing off and bragging not the right way to pick up girls at clubs.

If you try to impress her, you won’t.

The majority of guys that go out to clubs try hard to impress girls, going out of their way to prove what they are (or are posing as).

This is a terrible idea, yet is ingrained into male thinking.

Men have a natural need and drive to impress women.

This hearkens back to the caveman days where a man could impress a girl with his hunting and survival skills, but in this modern era those talents just aren’t warranted or valuable.

Have you ever told a girl that you have a good job, live in a big house or drive a fancy car?

Have you ever went out of your way to make women notice your fancy watch, $100 shoes or brand new cell phone?

Bragging and flaunting in that way creates an opposite affect, throwing up a red flag that makes the girl question you.

The last thing you want is to place yourself under a microscope.

The trick is to play yourself down when you’re on the up. Over time, any girl that has interest in your will find out about all of the cool things you own and great things you can do.

Let it happen naturally as it should.

If you don’t, girls will wonder why you are trying so hard. They’ll analyze you:

“What does he have to hide?”

“Why is he so insecure?”

“Why does he feel the need to tell me that?”

You have to understand that girls at a club have this frame in their mind at all times:

“He will do and say anything to get into my pants.”

Therefore, if you attempt to pick up girls at clubs by showing insecurity and trying to impress them, you will do nothing more than confirm that phrase in their minds to be true.

Can you see how your actions can be counter productive by overly trying to impress girls?

Don’t worry, this is a natural reaction for men so you are perfectly normal for thinking that way.

However, now you know better.

The trick is to be a desirable man, yet not to try to show that you are.

There is a huge difference between the two; one is secure and the other is weak.

Time to take off those old shoes that failed to get you to the best places and try on a new pair which will make traveling to any destination you want easier.

Here are my 5 secret ways to pick up girls at clubs by exuding the personality of a man that women desire.

The best part is these are relatively passive traits that you will start doing automatically once you get used to them!

Here we go:

1) Think fun, not outcome!

Most guys get all serious and have tunnel vision as it pertains to attracting a girl.

They can only see the finish line, not the path.

Murphy’s Law applies here; the more you try to pull them the more you are going to push them away.

So stop pulling!

Have fun and the outcome will manifest on its own.

2) Befriend everyone

Guys will focus just on the woman who interests them and then get cock blocked by other males or mother hens.

Get in the habit of talking to everyone.

Start conversations with the doormen, talk to people in line, talk to everyone you run into.

This is not hard to do.

Look around, there are a million specific questions just on the environment around you to ask them.

A good place to start is with lone people, as they are most likely waiting for someone and would appreciate someone to take the awkwardness of being a wallflower away by giving them something to do.

Once you’re in the groove of things, step it up to approaching groups of people.

3) Don’t be desperate

Don’t cling onto every girl you meet and hang around until she runs for cover.

If you are in a club then you will most likely run into her again.

Be strong, cut her lose and she will be even happier to see you the next time.

Girls have a frame of mind that they won’t be able to get rid of you, since most guys will stick around until they either get her number or shot down completely.

If you walk away prematurely you will surprise them, and they’ll be twice as interested in you and attracted than they were before.

It’s all just a game, play it well.

4) Don’t be afraid of groups

A lot of men stay away from groups.

Whether they are all female or mixed with both sexes, many guys are afraid of failure especially in front of multiple people.

The truth is that there’s really nothing to fear.

Opening groups is easier than you think and it speeds up your ability to meet a large amount of people over a short period of time.

Girls will be very impressed if you are walking around a club and many people say hi or respond to you.

This is what we call social status, and your value will go through the roof if you have it.

The more friends you have, the more women you’ll meet.

That’s just simple math.

5) Dress to impress yourself

If you don’t feel like a million bucks when you walk out the door then it will show and your confidence will be affected by it.

You don’t have to pay a million dollars for an outfit.

For every $100 shirt that you could buy, you could but 5-10 shirts that will make you look just as fly.

Quality women don’t care about brands, they care about your overall look.

Do you match?

Do you look confident?

Are you in style?

Are you a trend setter?

Those things all matter far more than wearing some $300 jeans that you saw in a music video.

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