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Being prepared to defend your status


Defend Your Alpha Status If you want to be successful with gorgeous girls the number one thing you should remember is you should be the leader of the pack, the guy everyone looks up to. You’ve got to have value and be the alpha male within your social circle. You won’t believe how many guys have a few unsuccessful interactions with women and then start to question their ability and...

Never settle for less than you want


Don’t Settle For Less The most frustrating thing possible is to settle for less than you truly want. When you look for a girl, your standards should be high! Don’t let a lack of success deter you from your goal and force you to settle for an average girl. Instead, work harder and accept nothing less than what you deserve, the best. You will never be able to enjoy what you have because...

Have the right energy level with girls


Having The Right Energy Gaming big time? If not, then get ready for this little piece of advice which will take you another level of awareness to realize your gaming potential! If you guys know about energy levels, you know what I’m talking about. There are two types of people: 1) Energy suckers: these are the people are always complaining and fault finding. Most of the time worried about...

Free Seduction Guide

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