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Become a man that women desire


How To Improve Yourself Getting a hot girlfriend or just picking up girls in general is all about self improvement just as much as it is about learning and practicing tricks that you learn. If you want to become the type of man that women desire, you’re going to have to actually do it. There’s no way to fake something like this. You should always be trying to improve yourself, because...

Initiative defines an alpha male


What Makes An Alpha Male? Girls are attracted to alpha males, we all know this. It’s built into them just like it is built into us to stare at a nice rack or ass, we simply can’t help it, and neither can they. Right now I am about to explain the #1 thing that separates the alpha males from the rest of the pack, and no it is NOT confidence. You can have so much confidence that it seeps...

Having high social proof and value


Using Your Social Proof If you have been studying seduction material for a while chances are you’ve heard the term “Social Proof” before. The most simple way to describe social proof is that it is your “local fame” within your network of friends and/or acquaintances, otherwise referred to as your “circle”. When you are trying to determine how much social...

How to date girls who are perfect 10s


Dating Perfect Women Do you know what a perfect 10 is? Is the best looking girl you’ve ever seen one? Maybe, but maybe not, because for a girl to be a dime piece they need to have more than just looks. I’m talking gorgeous, intelligent, trustworthy and down to earth, a QUALITY girl. That is what you really want right, a girl that is beautiful as well as secure in herself that will...

Balance cocky & funny with women


Being Cocky And Funny Balance, the way to balance your cockiness is to be funnier. That will offset the negative citations of your high confidence levels and allow you to avoid giving off a self-centered vibe. However, you don’t even have to toss on more funny to balance the cocky, you can just tone down the cocky and try to be more friendly. When you’re really cocky, girls tend to...

Let go of what you can not control


Control Only What You Can This one of the most simple tips that I have to offer, but it is sadly one of the most overlooked. Too many guys find a girl that they like and then go crazy, worrying all the time about whether or not she likes them back. Ironically enough, this is all too often the very reason that the girl will not be attracted to them. When you spend your time worrying about things...

Networking your way into her pants


Social Networking & Value Your social circle is a living entity, and must be cared for accordingly and kept in “good health” if you are to achieve phenomenal success socially and with girls. The people in your social circle need to be given attention and should be treated as if they are all important to you because you never know when they can be of use to you. You should always...

Having the presence of an alpha male


Look Like An Alpha Male Let it be known when you walk in a room. Take up space and have confident but comfortable body language. Speak with a strong articulate voice. Have good posture and make slow deliberate movements. Do all of the things that let everyone around you know that you are the man and you absolutely know it. Remember to be comfortable with any situation at all times. When...

Are you learning or just imitating?


Learn Real, Lasting Game This is the most important aspect of improving your game. We have all, at some point in our lives, imitated someone who we strive to be like. It’s only natural. We want to be like them so we do things and say things we perceive as effective or cool. This isn’t all that wrong, but when most people start out they tend to just ask specific questions. They ask...

Always have lots of female friends


Get Lots Of Female Friends I think the main ingredient in becoming a player is making a lot of female friends and remembering their names. Reason: girls always gossip, it’s that simple! The more that females see you saying “hi” to other females, the more they are going to start to wonder and question about who you are. Also, always stand out from your crew/crowd; through...

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