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Overcome shyness around women


Overcoming Your Shyness

Do you have the problem of being shy around large groups of people, like when you go to a party or club?

I had this same problem a while ago, I solved it by learning to “zone” in on particular people.

For example, once I noticed a girl I liked I would pretend that nobody else was around and then go up and talk to her, or if a girl came up to me I would immediately focus all of my attention on her and never look around at anyone else.

This also helps you maintain good eye contact.

If you feel much more comfortable around groups of people when you have a few of your close friends around you, but still have trouble with the initial starting up of conversations with girls, you can try this easy trick:

Simply “pretend” that you’ve known the girl for a long time, as if you are already friends.

This helps take the edge off of “talking to someone new” and can work wonders, so give it a shot.

Also, be wary of over thinking!

Have you ever found yourself thinking so much that you’ve completely drifted out of reality?

When you’ve just been blown out of a conversation and you don’t know what you’ve done wrong, you retrace your steps in hopes to find the answers.

Over thinking will get you nowhere but create more stress.

One way of finding out if you’re over thinking is to consciously be aware of your problem, however, if you find yourself scrunching your eyebrows and tensing your facial expressions to understand – simply stop and look at something else.

You’re over thinking again.

– Sinful

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