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Over-gaming and lingering too long


Stop Before It Goes Stale

Over-Gaming is a problem that not many men are even aware of.

You can’t learn how to drive a car perfectly from just reading the drivers manual and you can’t learn to interact with girls perfectly by having just tons of knowledge and techniques.

One of the biggest things that guys do wrong is that they fail to calibrate their game to different situations.

You don’t have to be a cocky machine every second that you are around an attractive girl and you don’t have to have a witty response for everything.

It’s okay to just have normal conversations sometimes!

Too many guys get carried away with being cocky and funny that they become social robots.

The key to attracting and seducing girls is a balance.

When you combine your cocky and funny responses and techniques with being a normal, fun guy, you will have achieved the perfect balance.

You must also learn how to let go of a conversation.

One of the biggest traps new players get sucked into is getting too attached to a conversation with a girl once they make progress.

Male-pattern tunnel vision.

As a player, you must always be willing to leave a conversation, no matter what your progress with them when the situation calls for it.

Here’s something you can do to build your non-stick layer: Go up to a few sets and open them until one receives you very openly.

Flirt unforgivably. Then, right before you would close. Just leave.

“Sorry, I have to go”, and walk away.

If you can do that, then you’ve reached a major milestone.

– GoinPhoenix

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