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Stop a cockblocker in 60 seconds


How To Stop A Cockblocker There’s really no way around it. Eventually you’re going to be in a position where you’ll either need to know how to stop a cockblocker or run the risk of losing out on a woman that you really like. I’m going to show you the best possible way to deal with a cockblock before it even begins! Let’s say you’re talking to a girl, and...

How to stop being needy with girls


Stop being needy around girls This is a major issue when it comes to dating, especially for us men. More often than not a guy will think he’s doing all of the right things; showering her with attention, always being there when she needs him, treating her like a princess, but ultimately not realize that the reason he keeps failing is because he has to stop being needy with girls and act more...

How to stop fearing rejection by girls


Stop fearing rejection by girls Believe me when I tell you that you are not alone. I love making up fake statistics, so let’s just say that most likely 50% of all men don’t know how to stop fearing rejection by girls, just like you. It’s an illogical fear, and you probably know that, but for some reason you just can’t shake it. You really want to walk up to the next hot...

Are you afraid to approach women?


I’m afraid to approach women Being afraid to approach women is one of the most challenging issues faced by many guys. If the issue is resolved, I guarantee your results will increase TEN-FOLD, regardless of what you say after you approach. Why? Its simple mathematics; the more you shoot, the more you score. I read somewhere that one of your goals in seduction should be to not eliminate...

Put a girl on a pedestal? Big mistake


Don’t put a girl on a pedestal Most likely the biggest mistake that many guys make at one time or another when dating is to put a girl on a pedestal. This is very common. It creates a problem that can be devastating to your overall life if left unchecked. This can literally shake your foundation of confidence and slowly eat away at it. Most guys end up learning this the hard way, but you...

A guide to getting girls for introverts


Getting girls for introverts Introversion is not an affliction that prohibits you from getting laid, unless you make it that way. This guide to getting girls for introverts will help you understand the truth behind your personality type and how to overcome the obstacles standing in your way from being successful with women. There’s a lot of misconception regarding introverts and extroverts...

How to pass tests women give men


Pass tests women give men Let’s talk about the tests women give men and what you can do to pass these tests – like a boss – every time. Basically, a test is nothing more than a little game a girl throws your way to try and figure out how real you are. With so many fake guys out there, you can’t blame women for doing this. It helps them separate the real men from the losers...

How to not let a girl get you down


Don’t let a girl get you down When you’re unhappy with your dating situation, it’s usually because you’re letting a girl get you down. If it’s not one particular girl, it could be women in general. Girls can bring you down in a million ways if you let them, and when they bring you down it feels like the whole world is crashing down on you. It’s the worst...

How to master the art of seduction


Master the art of seduction If you allow it to, your ego will get in the way of your success and prevent you from ever being able to master the art of seduction. Even once you get good at this stuff, remain humble and you’ll learn that you will benefit the most with that mentality. Most guys – no matter what level – believe that their skills with the opposite sex are way higher...

Free Seduction Guide

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