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Did you know girls have
more game than men do?

It’s true! Right now women are the reigning champions at gaming, and they KNOW IT! That’s why they use men to get free money, gifts, drinks, ego-boosting compliments, and everything else they want!

The sad thing is, most of the men who fall prey to this manipulative behavior never get anything in return for their generosity; just labeled as “nice guys” and punted into the Friend Zone.

The shocking truth is that
women are not to blame.


We willingly give in to all of the above things simply because we’ve been programmed by modern society into believing that it is the proper way to attract women.

Men just don’t know any better.

Movies, magazines, TV, the internet and music all tell us that flaunting our money and being a baller or high roller will get us laid, so in turn we naturally spend money on women believing that it will impress them.

Women are simply playing along and following our lead, just as they have been doing since the dawn of the human race. Men have always been the dominant sex and social leaders.

It’s not the women that
have changed, it’s us!

Women have almost total control in the social realm now, and men are in a social recession. However, the truth is that even with the power, they aren’t truly happy. They want real men who are compassionate and good providers, yet still have alpha male qualities.

Since that type of man is nearly extinct, they have been forced to settle for the only type of guys left that still flip their attraction switch: bad boys.

It’s nasty business, but the truth is that only about 2% of all men fall into the “bad boy” category, and the 98% who don’t make the cut wish that they did.

However they probably wouldn’t want to be if there were alternative options to make them successful with women without being misleading, abusive and having poor moral beliefs.

With “The New Breed”,
there is an alternative!

That is why we’ve chosen to give this package of phenomenal seduction material the name “The New Breed”.

Learn how to date hot women

Date girls YOU want!

We’ve compiled all of the tools for any man – regardless of what he looks like or how much money he makes – to transform himself into a new type of man; the kind that women have been searching for and are attracted to.

Finally men can regain their control in the dating game!

Not only will this make men happier, but women as well! We’ve all heard hot women complaining about the jerks who lie to them, sleep with them and then kick them to the curb.

However, those same women will keep going back and continue dating the same type of guys again and again.

It’s not because women are stupid or can’t learn from their mistakes, it’s because they have a lack of options. Jerks are the only men who display attractive qualities without many unattractive ones.

That’s why women fall for them.

What we are going to teach you how to do is exactly that: display attractive qualities to women without any unattractive ones. We’ve found a way to do this without the bad qualities of the jerks that girls love to hate.

With you they’ll just love to love, and it won’t cost you a dime or a martini!

Here at the Paragon Project we have assembled a team of elite dating coaches who have each been hand selected for their particular seduction expertise.

The ultimate team of seduction gurus?
Yes, that would be us.

Working together as a team has led us to brainstorm and share revolutionary techniques, which were then field tested rigorously, refined, tested some more, then finalized into some of the most potent seduction strategies ever discovered. We’ve been collaborating in this fashion since October of 2006, and have worked on many projects.

Now we are finally prepared to release all of our combined knowledge that we’ve acquired in one massive collection of seduction material that will shock and amaze all who read it.

Never before has a seduction product been so packed full of material that actually works!

Best of all, for less than the price of most of the single books already on the market, we are offering you two full books, one special feature book and an array of supplementary extras, which are not the “bonuses” that you are used to, it’s stuff that is really important.

All of this totals over 500 pages of written material and over an hour of audio!

Even better, you get instant access to download the entire package. You could literally have everything that “The New Breed” has to offer at your fingertips within just five minutes from now and be reading it on your computer, tablet or phone!

This is the best seduction product on the market – by a long shot.

If you’ve read any of our articles or previous works then you know that we can fully back that statement up.

If you want to step your game up to the next level and gain the ability to get the top shelf women that are beyond the reach of most average men, then you’ve just found your one-way ticket to reaching that goal.

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What is “The New Breed”?

“The New Breed” is a set of two full-length books and many supplemental materials that have all been tailored to help you achieve phenomenal success in your dating life through the mastery of the two major aspects of attracting and seducing women:

Inner Game and Outer Game.

The two main books that make up The New Breed package are appropriately titled “Perfection Inside” and “Perfection Outside”, which are both of an exceptionally high quality that you simply wouldn’t normally expect to see from a seduction guide.

When used simultaneously together, these two books compliment each other to create a single system for seduction that is light years ahead of anything that you’ve ever been previously exposed to.

This package will blow you away before you’re even on page 20.

“Groundbreaking” is even too loose of a term to describe the immense amount of brand new material that we have poured into this package.

“The New Breed” is the result of the combined effort of the TIC team, 10+ individuals dedicated to bringing you the most advanced and up-to-date seduction strategies possible.

After many years of production, our work that has been highly anticipated by those who knew it was coming is finally available – and it’s better than anyone expected – ourselves included!

In The New Breed, here’s a few of the things you’ll find:


The Wheel Of Wooing

( Aka: The WOW System )

The WOW System

Arguably the most flexible and effective seduction system to date. The WOW System allows you to create custom strategies that fit your own personal style perfectly!

You will be in full control.

“When you view seduction as nothing more than a game to be played, all the material will begin to flow out of you naturally. The WOW System was built around this idea.” – The Player

This powerful system for picking up women is so flexible that it allows you to follow your own rules, not ours.

Using our user-friendly style planner you will create a custom WOW Style that is specifically tailored to accent your strong points and reinforce your weak areas.

Since it is your own creation, you will be 100% comfortable using your style in the field. The game will flow out of you naturally and your success rate will skyrocket.


Cycle Of Power & Strength

( Aka: The COPS System )

The COPS System

Overcoming internal obstacles, fears, inhibitions and everything else that could prevent you from achieving dating success is now easier than ever with our revolutionary COPS System!

“Forget about the arsenal of cool techniques; without a steady platform to work from you will fail. Discover the epiphany of life, and find the “real you” that women will love.” – OrlandoMac

This is not only a system for perfecting your inner game, it’s quite literally a complete solution for effectively improving many aspects of your life.

The COPS System was designed to be a direct problem-solving tool to help you systematically identify and remove your internal and external problems.

This allows you to transform into the best possible version of yourself over time; by eliminating your bad qualities, leaving only the good.


The Neg Twins

( Aka: TNT )

The neg hit is a powerful technique commonly used by some men to attract women of exceptional quality.

Our own exclusive, evolved version of the neg has amplified it’s effectiveness ten fold – perhaps even more.

“Why re-invent the wheel simply because it was another person’s idea? I’d much rather keep that idea and build an automobile around it. This concept is called inspiration.” – Paragon

With the Neg Twins you will have the power to experience an immediate, dramatic increase in the level of which women value you socially.

Whether you’ve been using the traditional version of the neg for years or if this is an entirely new concept to you, using The Neg Twins will allow you to build attraction with women faster than you ever believed possible.

TNT can also be used to manipulate the social value of an entire group of girls.


Passive Openers

( Aka: PassOps )

The initial approach is the hardest part of the game. Everything that follows is relatively easy compared to just getting up the nerve to go talk to her.

However, what if there was an easy way to completely bypass this initial roadblock? Well, now there is.

“What’s the point in chasing after women and then awkwardly trying to open a conversation with them when you can make them want to approach you instead?” – Paragon

Welcome to the wonderful world of Passive Openers!

These brand new techniques are said to be amongst the most revolutionary ever to be discovered within the seduction community, and as of right now they are all completely exclusive to the Paragon Project.

You will not find these anywhere else.

Adding Passive Openers to your game will not only make women want to approach you, they’ll also make your overall experience in the dating world more FUN.


Not enough? Alright…


Here’s MORE stuff you’ll learn:

  • How to create an aura of mystique and the presence women are drawn to.
  • Strategic methods for using a girl’s friends against her, without anyone knowing!
  • Many ways to help you begin turning your rejections into successful interactions.
  • How to close multiple women in the same group and get all of their numbers!
  • To easily make friends with everyone and socialize in any situation!
  • The best way to get an ex-girlfriend back, regardless of who broke it off.
  • How to guarantee that your first date isn’t your last!
  • To properly create the formula for dating success: interest, attraction, and trust.
  • How to use the skills that you already possess to create a successful dating plan.
  • Finally! How to eliminate “canned material” from your interactions with women!
  • How to design your own custom style of pick-up based on your own personality.
  • To completely remove the stress from the dating game and actually have fun!
  • Simple methods for passing every test that a woman throws your way.
  • How to escalate your relationships to a sexual level, naturally and smoothly.
  • Ways to quickly gain the acceptance of an entire group, no matter how large.
  • How to isolate your target girl from her group of friends with ease.
  • Creative ways to create trust without giving up any of your power.
  • To walk into a night club, and leave with 50 of the hottest girls numbers.
  • How to take any relationship as far as you want, and remain in full control.
  • How to effortlessly become the center of attention at any social gathering.
  • Techniques for making girls chase you, instead of you chasing after them.
  • To remove the inner fear and hesitation that stops you from making the first move.
  • The only real way to turn your girl-friend into your girlfriend.
  • To walk into a night club like local celebrity; guys giving you high fives and girls kisses.
  • How to “juggle” multiple women at the same time without making any mistakes.
  • Most importantly: how to greatly increase your confidence and self esteem.

Guess what?

That only describes about 10%
of what’s in “The New Breed”!

Let’s go over everything
in this huge package:


You get it all…

Perfection Inside

Perfection Inside

Perfection Inside is your complete guide for achieving perfect inner game and improving your life in basically any of the areas that you choose. Even those not related to seduction! Most men believe that knowing cool techniques and lines is what seduction is all about, when in reality that is only half of the battle. To be successful with women and achieve your goals, you’ll need a solid foundation of inner game.


Perfection Outside

Perfection Outside

As if containing the already famous WOW System wasn’t enough, we have also poured over 50 all-new seduction techniques into Perfection Outside. Many of these techniques are so far ahead of everything else currently being taught that they are literally going to change the face of seduction forever. This book sets all of the new standards. Perfection Outside is a juggernaut in comparison to the average seduction guide.


The Opposite Theory

The Opposite Theory

OrlandoMac’s discovery of the Opposite Theory was a great leap in the community’s overall understanding of the rules by which seduction is governed. It also explains how many other aspects of life operate as well. With the Opposite Theory, you will learn the only real way to always “do and say all of the right things” every single time. Following the guidelines laid down by this phenomenal theory guarantees it!


The Rock Star (WOW Style)

The Rock Star

The Rock Star WOW style will show you how to easily become the center of attention. You’ll attract women solely because of your unbelievably high social standing. Women will flock to you regularly, and as a result of this your social value will increase even further and continue to do so automatically. This style is ideal for men who like to show off, hang out in large groups and be at the center of everything.


The Rogue (WOW Style)

The Rogue

With the Rogue style you will learn how to manipulate social situations and use them to your advantage. People will be naturally drawn to your mysterious character. You will learn how careful planning and execution can consistently result in you leaving with a beautiful woman on your arm. This style is ideal for those who prefer to stay out of the spotlight and talk to women seductively on a one-on-one basis.


Two WOW Style Planners

Style Planners

The New Breed comes packaged along with two WOW Style Planners (basic and advanced). These allow you to fully customize and personalize your experience with the WOW System. You simply follow the easy guidelines that help you choose how to set up your style based on your strengths and weaknesses, then it’s ready to go! Go ahead and experiment; add your own special touch. Be creative!


Over an Hour of MP3 Audio

MP3 Audio

Along with the main e-books and other supplemental materials, you will also receive over one hour of audio in MP3 format. These audio clips were created to help further your understanding of our material and apply it to your life with ease. The included MP3 audio files are: Introduction to the COPS System, Introduction to the WOW System, The Opposite Theory audio, and a tutorial to Creating WOW Styles.


You get all of the above for only:


That’s less than the price of most single seduction books in today’s market…

For THIS package!



With “The New Breed” you are getting: two full books (around 500 pages total), one amazing mini-book, all extra materials, and over an hour of MP3 audio!



I guess this is the part where we are supposed to offer you a money-back guarantee in order to make you feel a false sense of confidence when buying our product, right?

Well, we aren’t like the other guys who use those sort of gimmicks, quite literally because we just don’t have to try as hard as they do to sell our products because this stuff is the real deal. “The New Breed” is of such high value and so far above normal standards that offering a money-back guarantee would simply be ridiculous.

If you buy this product and still want a refund, you are either a freeloader or you are trying to rip us off (yes, we are sure it’s that good), so we’d rather you not buy “The New Breed” at all.

If you’ve already read our free articles on this site and still need a refund offer just to feel safe when buying this package, then go ahead and close your browser.

“The New Breed” just isn’t for you.

Nothing worth having in life comes without risk. I guess that’s why all of the seduction products on the market that are sold “risk free” just aren’t worth having!

If you really need a refund so bad, maybe we’ll still give it to you, but you’ve better have a damn good reason for wanting one:

“It just really wasn’t for me” won’t work because we’ve designed this to work for everyone; “It didn’t work” won’t cut it because we know that it works every time; and “I just wasn’t satisfied with it” definitely won’t convince us, because if this product doesn’t scratch your itch for seduction strategies, then nothing will.

Did you think that we were just hyping up and promoting our product when we claim it’s the best ever made? We are being 100% serious, so there’s your 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Take it or leave it!

Update: It’s been over a year since we released “The New Breed” and we haven’t even had one customer attempt to request a refund! So what do you think is better; getting a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or knowing that 100% of our customers are already satisfied?

That’s right, you’ll need to take a leap of faith to get your hands on “The New Breed”! If you can’t do that, then you just aren’t ready for it yet.

Are you in, or out?

So you’re ready to experience “The New Breed” and the most advanced seduction knowledge available on the planet?

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