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Never talk to the hottest girl first


Avoid The Hot Girl First

If you notice a girl that you like but she is with one of her friends, try this approach.

My favorite way to do this is to talk to the “uglier” friend first in order to make the hot one jealous, because if you talk to the hot one directly the other might like you too and get jealous, then she will do just about anything to cock block you and ruin your chances with her friend – not good!

She may even cock block you simply because she’s sick of her friend getting all of the attention.

To avoid all of that, go up to the ugly one and say something like “I really like your (insert something: pants, shirt, hair, anything)”.

After she says thanks quickly move on to the hot one and give her a compliment also (but one that isn’t as good as the compliment you gave her friend), then keep talking to BOTH of them for a while, but gradually focusing more on the hot one until the point comes when you are only talking to her, then end the conversation by getting her number and setting up a date.

One of the main reasons why this works is because the better looking friend is accustomed to getting all of the attention, so when she notices you approached her friend first she’ll immediately try to win you over to gain back the status that she feels that she has lost.

This can work wonders in contrast to just flat out approaching the hot one directly like all of the other guys do.

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