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Never plan out your conversations


Don’t Plan What You’ll Say

Never try to pre-plan the dialog before you approach a girl, it will not work no matter how good you get at memorizing your “lines”.

For example, you should not try to think of “something to say” before you approach, but instead, you should only think about a general topic that you can begin a conversation on.

You can use general guidelines like: “When I open her I’m going to tease her and add some touching.” That type of planning is normal.

However, never try to plan the actual words that you are going to say because game is best when spit off of the top of your head, not from your memory.

This may seem like a contradiction when it comes to using openers, however here at the Paragon Project we believe that openers should only be used based on the idea behind them, not the actual words given in the examples of them.

In essence, each time you run the same opener, the dialog should be different yet the general idea and purpose of the opener stay the same.

Never try to run a word-for-word routine.

You may be tempted to if you’ve found a seemingly perfect canned routine online, but trust me those look far better on paper than they do in real world application.

The best conversations are always natural and situational, entirely unique to you and her in that moment.

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