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Never let her beauty intimidate you


Being Intimidated By Women

Never appear to be intimidated by a woman, even if you are scared to death because of her beauty.

Beautiful women are accustomed to men being intimidated by them and ONLY find the men who aren’t to be attractive.

In order to properly seduce a high caliber woman, you need to convey the image that you deal with her type all of the time and that she doesn’t impress you at all.

Make HER work for YOUR affection, not the other way around!

One of the most important, if not the most important aspect of your game is confidence.

What is it really?

It is having the ability within your own self to do things with no doubt in one’s mind to accomplish something. 100% trust in oneself and belief in yourself.

It is not having your chest out, shoulders back and head high. That’s acting, this is far more than that.

Quit worrying about how to look confident and just become confident.

It is the main character trait that girls are attracted to. A girl will never be satisfied with a man who lacks confidence.

Be that confident guy, and show everyone how you truly are.

Once you gain that level of confidence, you won’t be intimidated by hot women, they will be intimidated by YOU!

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