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Never borrow money from girlfriends


Don’t Ask Her For Money

Never, ever, borrow money from a woman. Even if she is a long term girlfriend and you need it badly.

Women want a man that can support them in any situation.

In a woman’s mind “For rich or for poor” actually means “You better get rich, and if you’re poor I’m gone”.

If you borrow money she will be thinking “Hows he going to support me when he can’t even take care of himself”.

Never let her know if you’re in financial trouble.

*NOTE* Remember that this rule is only to be applied to long-term relationships, and borrowing money from a woman that you are only dating/just met or even having her pay for things is fine and encouraged – as long as it’s a girl that you don’t think you’ll ever be getting into a more serious relationship with.

If you’re low on cash, just man up and do something about it.

Get a second job, do some work on the side, start up your own business, anything that can bring in the money you need but completely done on your own steam.

If you’re stuck in a situation where you have no other choice but to borrow money from someone (like the electric is getting shut off today and there isn’t enough time to go out and make some cash), then borrow it from a family member or a friend, never your girlfriend.

Also, don’t let her know that you borrowed money from someone because some girls like to be assholes about that stuff and will hang it over your head forever.

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