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Never be the first to say I love you


Saying I Love You First

Never, and I mean never, say I love you first.

As a man it’s your job to approach her the first time you meet, get her number, set up a date, choose where to take her on the date, ask her to go steady after a few good dates, and so on.

Basically, all of the escalation is up to you since women are attracted to men who take charge and know how to show them a good time, confidently.

However, saying “I love you” is one point in your relationship in which she should be in total control of the escalation.

If you say I love you to her too early you can easily change a great relationship into an uncomfortable one (for the both of you), and possibly destroy it.

Your goal at all times, even in a deep relationship, should be to maintain your position of power by keeping the woman chasing after your affection instead of you chasing her.

As soon as you give up that power you will begin to lose control of other aspects of the relationship as well.

However, being in control isn’t even that big of a deal.

The most important facet of not telling her that you love her first is the fact that it screws up the best possible progression for your relationship.

This is because when a woman tells a man that she loves him first, chances are he’s already loved her too for quite some time (but just didn’t say anything) because men are more naturally inclined to know exactly what they want very early on and with little guess-work.

On the other hand, women tend to take more time than we do with these decisions and usually have conflicting emotions that can make them question if they truly love you or not.

Once a woman tells you that she loves you, it means she’s gotten over the internal conflict within her mind entirely and knows for certain how she feels.

That is exactly why you never say I love you to her first – because once she says it, you can be sure that it’s actually real on both ends.

That is good for your relationship.

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