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Never ask a woman if you can kiss her


Never Ask If You Can Kiss Her

Have you ever asked a woman if you could kiss her? If you have, do you want to know what was probably going through her mind when you did?

“You just completely sucked the magic out of the moment. Good job. Thanks a lot.”

That about sums it up.

Granted, in this situation most women will still give you the kiss. Once a girl has made up her mind about something like that, it usually takes a lot to screw it up.

If she already came to the conclusion that when you try to kiss her she’s going to be down, then she’s going to be down.

That however, is not the problem.

The tricky part is the collision that occurs when fantasy meets reality.

You see, in her mind she has a mental image of you gently – yet firmly – grabbing the back of her neck without saying a word, then pulling her in for a magical first kiss. The air leaves the room, her knees feel weak, and fireworks are shooting off in all directions.

That’s the way a woman fantasies about it, to one degree or another.

What they definitely aren’t hoping for is you asking for the kiss. I’ve yet to meet one woman that finds that to be sexy.

This is the fantasy/reality collision that I’m talking about. What you want to do is make what actually happens be as close to how she pictured it in her head as you possibly can.

You do NOT want to be so far off of the mark that you destroy the moment for her.

For women, the “build up” can be just as – if not more – exhilarating than the act itself. That’s why asking her for a kiss is such a bad idea

She wants you to just do it.

Some women want to be caught by surprise while others want the sexual tension to build up to a bursting point.

In all cases one thing remains constant; they just want it to “feel” right.

You can do the complete opposite of what she fantasied about and still be a winner if you can accomplish that.

Asking for permission will never get you there.

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