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Social Networking & Value

Your social circle is a living entity, and must be cared for accordingly and kept in “good health” if you are to achieve phenomenal success socially and with girls.

The people in your social circle need to be given attention and should be treated as if they are all important to you because you never know when they can be of use to you.

You should always be expanding you current circle by adding new people to it as you meet them through your daily travels, don’t be afraid to get telephone numbers from other men and even girls that you find unattractive, it’s better to have many friends and no girlfriend than to have one girlfriend and zero friends.

Having a large, healthy social circle will always guarantee that there will be an abundance of new girls coming into your life that you can choose from.

Personalities are molded based on the experiences of a person’s life.

Therefore, the type of people that you are friends with and socialize with have a great influence on you.

Many men have friends that are simply negative people and are not enjoyable for anyone to be around.

Whether you like it or not (or even realize it), negative people are an enormous drain on your personality and attitude.

Instead of fighting against the current, make the Social Exchange Principle work for you.

Make friends with the type of person that you strive to be, and their positive traits will rub off on you.

Attitudes and behaviors are contagious.

If you want your life to be filled with happiness, make sure your friends enrich your life, not harm your progress.

– by GoinPhoenix

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