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10 myths about women men believe


Common myths about women

Even if I told you, I bet you wouldn’t even believe how many untrue myths about women are floating around out there.

Speaking of belief, I’ve compiled my own personal list of the top 10 myths about women that men believe.

Read on to find out how many of them you were blind to until now:

Myth #1 – The hottest girls only go for good looking guys

Not even close.

In fact, how good looking you are isn’t even in the TOP FIVE things that girls look for when choosing a potential partner!

Demand, value, confidence, fun factor, swagger and charm are all much more important. Even how much money you have is more important than how you look, although money is NOT a method I’d approve of for getting girls.

Anyway, this one made the top of my list of myths about women because it’s so widespread I wouldn’t be surprised if over 50% of men believe it to be true.

Myth #2 – Girls want to be treated like they are a princess

This is one of the most common myths about women.

It’s also the main reason why so many guys have a hard time getting girls.

Girls HATE it when they are on a date with a needy guy who does nothing but shower her with gifts, dinners, flowers, and then proclaims that he’s been struck by “love at first sight” and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

On the first date? Come on!

This just tells the girl that you have absolutely no value, no demand, no options…


In her mind she’ll be thinking that you must not get much attention from girls, and now that you have one mildly interested you don’t want to let her go. How can you decide on a life-partner on the FIRST DATE!?

Think about it, but most of all:


Girls think it’s creepy, because to be honest – it kinda is.

Myth #3 – Women want to be flooded with compliments


Of course girls love to be complimented, especially on their looks, but NOT by the guys that they want to date. The men they desire rarely or NEVER do it.

How often do you think a girl has out-of-demand, low-on-value, non-confident guys showering her with compliments and telling her how beautiful she is?

If she’s beautiful, trust me, she already knows it. There’s no reason to become a broken record and tell her the same garbage she’s heard her entire life. And NO, it isn’t you giving her your opinion on her looks either.

She’s hot and she knows it, YOUR opinion doesn’t matter. Your job is to not be like all of the other losers calling her beautiful; to tell her something she doesn’t know.

Compliment her as much as you want, but before you do ask yourself “Has she heard this one before?”

If the answer is yes, then you need to be more creative.

Myth #4 – Hot girls only want to date guys who are jerks

Wrong, so wrong.

The reason you see girls with jerks is because they share traits with the alpha male.

Out of a choice between a jerk or an average guy who doesn’t have any of the things that she finds attractive, she’ll go for the mysterious, dangerous jerk EVERY TIME.

At least the jerk values himself and is exciting, unlike the regular dudes who she rejects and forgets about.

That shows you just how low being a “nice guy” is viewed from a female perspective; they’d rather risk dating a guy who might beat them, steal their stuff, cheat on them, or just dump them for no reason than to be with a nice guy who isn’t attractive AT ALL.

To them it’s worth the risk.

Read Big Q’s article “3 reasons why women love jerks” to learn more about this particular subject in detail, it covers everything.

Myth #5 – You need to be rich to pull the hottest women

Prepared to bet on that?

I’m starting to think that modern society has NO CLUE what girls really want.

In fact, most millionaires are actually about as luckless in REAL love as the next regular guy, despite all of their cash.

The only girls they can really attract are gold-diggers who are ONLY with them because of the money.

How do I know?

I’ve had clients who ARE millionaires hire me to personally train them, that’s how.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of rich guys out there who actually have game. What I’m saying is that just like money can not buy you true love, it can’t buy you game either.

Well, unless you purchase a training course on this website.

Bottom line: Money can’t BUY a girl’s affection directly, no matter how much.

Myth #6 – Girls like having a boyfriends they can control

Who told you that, a girl?

Guys, the real truth is that girls don’t even know what they want. They will tell you to do one thing and then get upset that you didn’t go and do the complete opposite.

It takes a brutally honest girl to say what she REALLY wants in a guy.

What most girls really want is a dominate man who will dominate THEM. They want a guy who can “control” them, not because they want to BE controlled, but rather they want to know their man has the ability to control situations and other people if he needs to.

They want a real man, not a little boy.

In fact, control isn’t even the right word here, what girls are really drawn to is leadership, and you can not have leadership without first having control.

The guy who is in charge is ALWAYS attractive, because he demands it.

Myth #7 – The best places to meet girls are clubs and bars

Really? Nobody told me.

Well, they actually did, right before I showed them what the rest of the world looked like.

You know, that big blue and green circle thingy where the absolute worst places to find QUALITY girls are those buildings called night clubs?

This is probably one of the most stupid myths about women out there.

So you hear stories of guys who go to clubs and get one night stands, and now you want in. If it’s so easy than why not, right?

Plus, it’s where the party is at!

First of all, it’s only easy because most of the girls that go there are easy.

Easy to talk to, easy to take home, and easy to bump into the guy that had her last weekend while he’s standing next to the guy from the weekend before that.

If you’re looking for something more than a quick notch on your bedpost, or any girl that is worth your time, clubs are the worst places to go looking.

Sure there are LOTS of girls packed into a small area all at once, and that’s why clubs are the PERFECT place to practice your game, but that’s about it.


Look at your daily routine – how many times do you bump into girls? They can be approached anywhere, anytime.

Don’t just assume she’s not interested just because she’s waiting in line to buy a cup of coffee.

You do know that single girls are allowed out during the day too, right?

Myth #8 – Girls don’t really enjoy sex as much as men do

Keep telling yourself that.

I can’t believe how many guys actually believe this. It’s one of the oldest and most well known myths about women, and it’s also the biggest load of crap.

The real truth is that girls LOVE sex, they simply enjoy it in a different way than men do (most of the time) and get aroused by other types of stimuli.

Deep down, they are just like us men are and once turned on CORRECTLY, which is something so many men just seem to completely ignore.

That is very understandable, because women get turned on completely differently than us men do, so to an uneducated guy it just wouldn’t make logical sense.

Guy will think, “Well I’m looking at her naked and it’s turning me on, I’m naked too so that should be enough for her.”

Nope. Think again.

Men are mostly aroused by what we see, it’s the visuals that really get us going.

We want it from that girl right away, why THINK about it any more than that when we can just get straight to it, right?

In contrast, women are more stimulated by the thoughts, the fantasy, of what might happen next.

They don’t just visualize the entire thing from start to finish like we do.

They need time to process the fantasy of what is about to happen, BEFORE it does. They think one step ahead, like “OMG, what’s he going to do next?”

This is how they get turned on; by the THOUGHT of it.

That’s why girls love foreplay so much, it gives them time to think about the fantasy, to picture it in their heads before it happens.

When you rob them of that time, they don’t get the “build up” they need to be really turned on.

Girls enjoy sex just as much as men, you just need to do it right.

Myth #9 – It’s simply up to fate which women you’ll date

I actually had a close friend who had this mentality.

He believed in most of the myths about women, especially this one.

He’s never had a girlfriend, and it’s not because he’s ugly or anything, he was just lazy.

Regardless of what I’d tell him, he believed that one day his dream girl would just magically show up on his doorstep with a nice ribbon wrapped around her waist.

It’s like he thought he was OWED a hot girl or something.

What a joke.

Things only happen when you MAKE them happen.

If you want a hot girlfriend you are going to have to get up, get out, get some game, and go GET ONE. They are not just going to fall into your lap.

Fate and destiny have NOTHING to do with it.

Real men decide their own fate. Real men control their own destiny.

Lastly; girls LOVE real men, and that’s all you need to know.

Myth #10 – You’ll just never be able to get a hot girlfriend

Yup, you won’t.

At least not with that attitude.

Why not? Because you don’t deserve one, that’s why.

Not yet at least. Why would a hot girl want to be with a man that doesn’t think he deserves to have her when she can have a confident guy who KNOWS he has value?

It’s just common sense.

Basically, until you believe that you are worthy, are aren’t worthy.

Half of the dating game is played inside of your own head.

Most of the time when you are considering the obstacles that you’ll face when trying to get a hot girl, like your fears, your looks, other guys, etc… you completely forget the BIGGEST obstacle that is standing in your way:


Well there you have it, the most common myths about women that are completely false.

This is just a small fraction of the myths about women that many men believe, and in the future I may follow up on this article (or turn it into a series) and dip deeper into this subject.

If you’d like that, hit me up on the forums.

If you are ready to make a change and start getting all of the girls that you COULD be getting, look at this and be prepared to enter a brand new world where your possibilities with girls are endless!

Or just stay inside your own head.

Your choice.

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