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This Is My Story

I’ve been gaming for a while now. Had good times as well as bad, but lately, my game has been going pretty well and I just wanted to share a bit of my story.

I was always doubtful of the advice on the site, but I started to put a lot of it into practice, especially self-worth and confidence.

It’s about as true as it comes when it’s said looks aren’t everything.

I’m not a bad looking guy nor am I great looking, but I decided to up my game.

I used self-worth, took care of my appearance, and regardless of how I really feel I always make sure to appear outgoing and confident and following a lot of the things on this site.

I’ve become much better because of it.

The biggest thing I found, there’s a lot of great openers on here and suggestions but I can’t stress how hugely important I found it to tailor each opener and such depending on the girl you’re with.

There is no cut & paste technique that’s a one size fits all.

I don’t think that’s something that can be taught, but with some gentle advice and a steep learning curve I managed to learn the lesson.

So I just wanted to say thanks for the great site and all those in doubt, seriously take care of your appearance, and even if you can’t do full on confidence at least make yourself competent!

Good luck!

– Dex Player

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