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Music affects your game with women


Music Affects Your Game

The music that you listen to affects your game with women and your overall mood, for music has a huge impact on the way that people think and feel about the world around them.

Have you ever noticed that people who listen to depressing music are often depressed?

Have you ever noticed that perturbed people tend to like heavier music while the easier going people tend to prefer softer music?

Why is this?

Music affects the lives of us all every day. Whether you are walking down the street or driving in your car.

One great example of this is when you are walking through a mall or down the street and pass by a shop that has music playing and it is a song that you like. Notice how it changes the way you feel instantly?

Perhaps you feel a bit more confident, maybe a little more comfortable, your walk might also have just gained a little extra swagger.

In the blink of an eye, the music has affected your mood, and in turn it also changed your behavior.

You can take advantage of this phenomenon to improve your success rate just by understanding the way that music affects your game with women.

The right song can immediately boost your confidence with women.

If you are listening to a brand new “feel good” song (it’s summer right now, so there’s plenty of them out), it makes you want to go out and have some fun.

On the other hand, if you are listening to a sad song about breaking up, you might start thinking about your ex-girlfriend and begin feeling slightly depressed.

Music affects the way that we think and feel about life, the obstacles that may lie in the path ahead of us, and the good things that have yet to come.

This is why most rappers always talk about money, women, cars, sex and all of the finer things in life. It creates a connection with you because as a man, those are the things that you desire in life and hope to have in the future. Many artists from various genres do the same thing, but that is the best example.

Another interesting aspect of music is that it will affect the way that a particular person feels about various topics. If someone listens to music with political lyrics they may be getting a lot of negative messages about our government and about how it is corrupt.

The more exposure that a person has to influential music, the more that they are influenced.

To reinforce that fact, let’s go back to what I said about rap music. Historically, rap has had a major impact on what cars are viewed as the most popular at any given time. Biggie made Range Rovers popular, Jay-Z made everyone want to drive a Lexus, and most recently Ace Hood made people think that the best thing you could drive is a Bugatti.

Just wait, eventually a famous rapper is going to decide to buy a Pagani – make a song about it – and then everyone will want one of those.

People are so heavily affected by music because if someone likes the rhythm of a song, then they will have that song stuck in their head. They will eventually learn the lyrics to the song and repeat them every time they hear it.

The messages that are being expressed in the lyrics will be soon embedded into your subconscious mind, thereby affecting the way that you think and feel.

That is why music affects your game and is such an important tool when it comes seduction.

It changes the way that we think and feel, and in turn the way we project those thoughts and feelings back out into the world.

Knowing that music influences people’s emotions and their thinking processes, we can apply this to seduction to improve your game with women.

Choose music that puts you in a good mood versus music that only depresses you.

Remember that your emotional state is contagious to others, so be careful what emotions you are giving off to other people because it will directly relate to how they feel about you.

Instead of listening to depressing music, try to listen to songs that are uplifting and high energy as this will put you into a positive mental state which is a good foundation to use when you are going to be approaching women. Doing this will greatly aid in the seduction of a woman because she will pick up on your good vibes.

On the same note, always try to think positive and listen to music that will improve your self esteem.

Part of being seductive is being extremely positive. It is said that roughly 80% of what attracts a woman to a man is his confidence level. When we think and talk positively about ourselves it makes us seem like we have high confidence as well as other attractive qualities.

In order to be as attractive as possible to women, it all boils down to our personality and how we view ourselves and the world. Music greatly influences the way that we think and feel about everything in our lives. You should use this knowledge to positively affect your game by choosing to listen to the right music.

This is particularly true when it comes to what you listen to just before you are around women.

You should be listening to high energy, confidence boosting, feel good music while you are shaving and getting dressed before you go out. In your car on the way to the bar or club you should be listening to music that is similar to what will be playing when you get there, that way you’re already partially acclimated to the environment in advance.

If you know that a woman is coming over to your place for some possible sexy time, you should listen to seductive music with sexual lyrics to put you into the right mental state to seduce her.

About lyrics – when selecting the music that we choose to listen to, be careful to pay close attention to the lyrics.

Always avoid music that appeals to low level men’s ideas about women. T-Pain is a perfect example of this, because although his music sounds happy and uplifting, the lyrical undertones completely go against everything we know that works in seduction. He says stuff like, “I can’t believe it, she’s all on me” and “I’m gonna buy you a drink”.

If you’ve already read some articles and tips on this website, then you know that you should have the attitude that you expect women to be all over you, not that you can’t believe it.

You’d also know that buying a girl a drink will not get her to come home with you. It will generally only land you in a very bad position – the friend zone – when it comes to women.

It gives off all of the wrong messages. You don’t want that garbage in your subconscious mind.

Also, avoid listening to music where the artist likes to talk about how he has tons of money that he is going to spend on a woman in order to get her to like him. Making it rain and buying bottles for girls in the club might work if you’re a famous musician, but us regular guys can save all of that money and just use our game.

Instead, if you like hip hop try listening to something by G-Eazy instead.

Not all of his lyrics are what you’d call “politically correct”, but his overall message about dealing with women is pretty spot on.

He talks about how he’s got more game than other guys, how he’s not going to spend any money on women, that he’ll steal someone’s girlfriend (not with his fame, but with his looks and game) and that groupies don’t mean anything to him.

It does not matter what genre of music you listen to as much as it does what are the lyrics behind the music that you are singing along to and the overall vibe of the song.

You should ask yourself “What message is this music telling me about life and dating? “, “Is this music promoting beta male or alpha male behavior?”.

If the messages are positive and conducive to your game, then allow yourself to listen to it and try to avoid any music that gives off negative messages that will only hinder your progress with women and lead you to failure.

Perception shapes reality, and music affects your game.

The messages that are embedded into our minds affects the way that we view the world and the emotions that other people have toward us.

Making proper use of what you allow into your reality can then affect the reality of the women that you are gaming, ultimately helping you to seduce them more effectively.

Many of you may already know, but I’m a musician myself. It’s just a hobby that I dabble in occasionally, I don’t take it too seriously. If you Google my name you’ll find many of my tracks online, but there’s one in particular that I’d like to highlight here.

This song is a prime example of the combination of having a feel good vibe along with lyrics that encapsulate the alpha male attitude.

It’s not my best song by a long shot (plus it’s about 6 years old) and I never really took the time to mix and master it to perfection, but lyrically this is exactly what you need to hear to understand how music can put you in the right frame of mind.

Press play.

“Falling In Love” – Kris Pipitone


I hope you enjoyed the song and it helped to get the message of this article across.

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Until next time! Don’t forget that music affects your game and how you can use it to your advantage with women.

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