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Myth: money will get you more women


Money Will Get You More Women?

Far too many guys have been blinded by modern entertainment and their perception of what is real has been skewed as a result. Specifically, I’m talking about the misconception that having money will get you more women.

Ladies, you aren’t off the hook either, but this is a site for men so I won’t go into that too much. The only thing I’ll mention is that most modern girls have been programmed by garbage like “if you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it” then run around complaining that they can’t find a “real man”.

REAL men don’t “like” girls who define their relationship based on a ring being on their finger. Let it soak.

Moving on. Like I said this phenomenon has affected men to a far greater degree, to such a point that most guys think that they’ll never be able to lock down a top notch woman without having a considerably fat bank account.

Is it fact or fiction? Is there any truth to the claim that having money will get you more women?

The answer really depends on who you are asking, and more importantly what their individual opinion of what a woman is.

Personally, my answer is a resounding NO.

In my mind I’ve separated “girls” from “women” a very long time ago.

While you can flash some cash or a fancy car in a girl’s face and take her home without any problems, that same strategy will get you absolutely nowhere with a quality woman.

To get them, you need much more than money.

First of all, you need to be a quality man that is on their social level (or above), yet even that isn’t enough.

You also need some serious game.

I’m not talking about conversation game (like knowing some good lines), or fancy techniques. I mean REAL, honed and toned natural game.

Nothing robotic will cut it.

That sounds like a lot of hard work, right? That’s because it is.

You could take the easy way out and just keep going for the easy little girls who will fall for basically any trick in the book, but you’ll never feel truly satisfied until you’ve had a real woman.

Why not?

Quality women are real with you from the start:

If she’s a psycho then she’ll let you know it from the jump, not 6 months later when you’re wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into – and how you’re going to get out of it without her breaking all of the windows in your house or smashing up your car.

If she’s promiscuous and doesn’t really feel the need to be monogamous, she’ll make sure you know it. You won’t think everything is cool and then when it’s too late find out that she’s been banging every dude at the gym the entire time you’ve been dating her (or worse, married to her).

As you can see, the defining characteristic of a top shelf woman is that they are real, and that’s why you can’t use money to impress them.

Money is nothing more than fake social value.

Do you ever look at a dude driving a Ferrari and think that he’s a loser? You don’t because you think must be “somebody” since he has that car.

Did you also know that ANYONE can rent a Ferrari on any given Friday night for a couple hundred bucks?

That’s just one scenario. We won’t even go into the spoiled, entitled little rich brats who aren’t even real men yet think they are incredible because daddy’s got big bucks.

I could steal all of their girlfriends (without much effort) if I wanted to. For the record.

That’s not a brag, it’s just to emphasize my point that while I have the confidence, demeanor, swagger and game to get the same girls that they do (and I have nowhere near as much money), THEY have zero chance of landing themselves the type of women that only very few men have access to.

Money can easily get you hot girls, and money can also get you hot women.

Money can NOT get you the hot women who also have everything else (personality, ambition, loyalty, etc.) going for them.

Oh yeah, and these rare “one-in-a-thousand” women I’m talking about are also much better in bed.

MUCH better. There’s no comparison.

Just like a truly confident man can last long and strong in the sack, a confident and secure woman will seriously put it on you like you’ve never had it before.

So, do I think that money will get you more women? No, but it can get you more girls.

If you can see the difference, then you can also see the choice.

Now you have the option to make it.

Do you want the best of the best? The type of woman on your arm that will turn all heads and make every other man jealous?

You’re path to that goal is right here: The Player’s Black Book

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