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5 mistakes men make with women


Mistakes men make with girls

Imagine if we were to put a group of random men into a room together and ask them each to list all of the common mistakes men make with women that they are personally guilty of.

What would happen?

For starters, that would be a horrible way for us to collect data for an article like this.

Men by nature are far too proud to admit their faults when it comes to dating, especially publicly in front of strangers.

The first guy might have a hard time getting numbers while the second dude has a problem with keeping girls interested. The next guy could have a fear of approaching women while another dude scares girls away by being an asshole and doesn’t even know he’s doing it.

Every single one of them would have something that is either a problem or could be improved.

But would they write that shit down? Unlikely.

Chances are more than half of the men would proclaim that they’ve got their game so tight they don’t make mistakes with girls and are in full control of their dating life.

Those guys would instantly fail our test, because in reality every man – even the best seducers – can slip up occasionally, and we all have areas of our game that can be further developed.

If your level of game ever stops elevating it’s not because you can’t get any better, it’s because you stopped trying to become better.

The rest of the guys who actually participated would answer honestly and either properly identify their main problems or accidentally list the wrong things because they just don’t understand what is really holding them back.

Now imagine if YOU were one of those men.

What would you do?

Do you already know all of the holes in your game, or think that you do no wrong?

Do you even know what the biggest mistakes men make with women are?

How you answer those questions doesn’t matter, because regardless of what you believe right now you’ll be thinking completely differently by the time you finish reading this.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 biggest mistakes men make with women along with some tips to help curve these bad habits.

Let’s get down to it.

5) Saying, not displaying

I’ve noticed that a lot of guys will say things like “yeah, I’m really cocky”, “money isn’t an issue for me”, or “I’m way too confident for that”.

Instead of displaying their positive traits through their actions, many uneducated men will try to verbalize them in an attempt to impress women.

This is a definitely one of the huge mistakes men make with women, but one that can be easily avoided. That’s why it’s only number five.

Even if you aren’t bragging on purpose, you should never try to vocally explain your attractive qualities to a girl. It’s just a bad idea.

Instead, show her through your actions.

Here on the site we tend to throw around words like “player” and “confident” and “alpha”, but you should never straight up tell a girl you’re any of those things. It will NOT impress or attract her.

Doing so will always make it seem like you’re bragging even if that wasn’t your intention.

Trust me, if you really are a cocky, confident dude who has plenty of money you have no reason to come out and just say it.

Simply by interacting with a girl for while she will pick up on and learn all of those things on her own, which is the natural process it should take and will make a MUCH better impression on her.

What do you think is more impressive to a women; telling her you drive a Range Rover when you first meet, or showing up in your Range Rover and surprising her when you swing by to pick her up for your first date?

The only effective way to verbally display your good traits is through telling stories instead of being so direct.

Doing it that way will usually stop it from acquiring the bragging label because the things that you mention are simply “a part of the story”.

However, that still isn’t the best way to do it.

If you want a woman to know something cool about yourself, showing it to her will always be far better than trying to tell her about it.

That fact isn’t even up for debate.

4) Putting cuffs on a woman

Guys who are just learning the game tend to get caught up and infatuated with the first girl that they successfully use their new skills on. This is one of the common mistakes men make with women that can be extremely hard to avoid if you’re new to this shit.

They then focus so much on attention on that one girl that they forget to keep practicing and evolving their game. They think they’re done.

There’s nothing wrong with falling in love, and it definitely is possible that the first girl you’re successful at closing could be “the one”.

There’s also an equal possibility that you’re just sprung for the moment.

In either case, a big mistake that you could make is to think you’ve already conquered your problems with women at that point and stop learning and practicing.

Trust me, you still have a long way to go.

Even worse, since you are still inexperienced you’ll most likely try to lock that one girl down because she’s become your entire world and invades your every thought.

This is what cuffing is all about.

If you allow one girl to control your reality, you’ll forget everything you know about real game and start making a shitload of mistakes, such as:

You’ll try to keep tabs on what she’s doing.

Get jealous about other guys being around her.

Worry about her leaving you or losing interest.

Do everything she wants like her little bitch.

The irony behind this is that you’ll be making all of these mistakes in an attempt to avoid something bad happening, but your actions will ultimately be exactly what makes the thing you fear end up actually happening.

The game doesn’t end once you get a girl.

It’s just begun.

3) Focusing on getting laid

Pussy, pussy, PUSSY!

How valuable is that to you?

One of the worst mistakes men make with women is placing far too much emphasis on the wrong goals and allowing it to control their thoughts and behavior.

More often than not, that goal is getting pussy.

Even if your main goal actually is just getting laid, making that your primary focus inside of your mind will really screw with your ability to run your game effectively.

Getting some pussy is always going to be a goal, that’s a given. There’s no need to be thinking about it while you’re talking to a woman, as that can limit the abilities you use to strictly those aimed at getting the girl into bed when you really need to be making use of your entire skill set.

When you go out looking to meet women, some examples of good goals to have are:

Having a good time, meeting people, improving your game and increasing your social value.

When you go out looking to meet women, some examples of bad goals to have are:

Getting laid tonight, how many numbers you get, showing off and looking like you’re the man.

Now that doesn’t mean those are necessarily bad goals to have, quite the contrary. They’re just bad to focus on and think about.

Just by going out to have a good time and meet new people you’ll be getting plenty of numbers, feeling like the man and even getting laid.

It’s about your state of mind.

2) Being a fucking dick

Oh yeah, this is a big one.

Why would being an asshole be number two on our list of mistakes men make with women?

For starters, because it usually results from guys trying to improve their game, not make it harder to succeed.

Many guys who are just starting out learning about seduction end up being huge dicks to most of the girls they try to game.


This is pretty simple to understand, but not so simple to break the habit once you’ve acquired it.

Basically, when guys first find this website the most appealing techniques they learn are the ones related to teasing and picking on girls.

This is because those can get you really fast results compared to most of the other stuff, and who doesn’t like getting what they want as quickly as possible?

There’s no problem with that, but it can become one when you spend too much time perfecting those strategies without utilizing everything else which is meant to balance it out.

For example, if you get great at teasing girls and generating attraction but don’t know how to build comfort and rapport, guess what happens?

It makes you look like an asshole.

Whether it’s bad timing or being too harsh, new guys always end up doing it too much. If you push a woman away too much without knowing how to reel her back in, that’s exactly what you’re going to eventually accomplish:

Pushing her away for good.

There’s really no definitive solution for this. You just have to find your own balance through practicing an array of strategies rather than just focusing on one.

That balance varies from man to man depending upon your particular personality.

Some dudes can get away with more teasing, while others have a much easier time building comfort. The more you practice and develop your game, the more you’ll learn about yourself and how you should tailor your game to suit your personal style and strengths.

Always remember that teasing isn’t meant to be your bread and butter strategy.

The true purpose of it is to build initial attraction, and you should definitely go hard until you accomplish that. However, once you notice that she is attracted to you it’s time to tone it down (not stop completely, just chill out a bit) and start building some rapport to balance everything out.

You don’t want to torment a girl, just tease her enough to separate yourself from the losers who don’t have the balls to pick on her a little bit.

That’s as far as it should ever go.

Teasing too much is one of the biggest mistakes men make with women all too frequently.

Make sure to find a proper balance in your overall game so you avoid this major pitfall!

1) Staying in your comfort zone

That’s right, number one on the list of mistakes men make with women is failing to get outside of their comfort zone and try the new things that are required to expand their game and grow.

Moving out of your comfort zone is one of the most difficult things to accomplish when it comes to meeting and dating women.

This is what separates the boys from the men, and the men from the REAL men. That’s because it requires serious balls.

Whether it’s approaching, escalating, closing or anything else; most of this stuff is a step out of the ordinary for most guys, and overcoming this fear of the unknown is the first step to victory.

When you read most success stories and get to the part where the guy starts to rapidly improve, that’s almost always when he finally breaks out of his comfort zone.

That’s when a whole new world open up.

The best advice I can give you is to push yourself, but that’s all the advice you’ll ever need.

Push yourself to be great, push yourself to make mistakes, push yourself to your absolute limits.

Then you’ll realize that what you though was your limits isn’t even close to the truth, and you can take it so much further if you just keep at it.

I’m not going to lie.

This process will become very difficult at times and you’ll start to crave the sweet comfort of mediocrity, but you must be persistent.

The results will come, but only to those who’ve earned it and gave it everything they had.

You need to ask yourself:

“Am I willing to risk the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary?”

Set your sights high and never settle for less than you deserve. Nothing worth having in life can be acquired with some level of risk. Always remember that.

If you work hard to improve yourself and your game then you will get results which reflect the effort that you’ve put in.

That’s how the game is really played.

Well there you have it, the top 5 mistakes men make with women and how you can avoid them.

If you want to step your game up to the next level then “A Crash Course In Seduction” is what you need if you want to stop reading these articles and go all out.

Don’t you want to take your success with women to new heights?

There’s no pick up lines, tricks or routines involved at all. We give you REAL knowledge so you can get laid, that’s it.

Everything you need is in that book.


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