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Assume that every girl is interested


Assume She Is Interested When deciding whether or not to approach a particular woman, just assume that she is interested in you and act the same way you would with a woman that you know for a fact is interested in you. This will give you confidence and the woman will pick up on this, in turn making her more attracted to you. One of the best techniques for getting yourself comfortable with...

Never let her beauty intimidate you


Being Intimidated By Women Never appear to be intimidated by a woman, even if you are scared to death because of her beauty. Beautiful women are accustomed to men being intimidated by them and ONLY find the men who aren’t to be attractive. In order to properly seduce a high caliber woman, you need to convey the image that you deal with her type all of the time and that she doesn’t impress you at...

How to eliminate your fear of women


Afraid To Approach Girls? Fear. This little four letter word can cause even the best looking men on the planet to fail with girls, so if you think that you are a loser simply because you are afraid to approach girls think again. We have ALL been afraid to approach a good looking girl before (and yes this includes me). Fear holds us back from becoming what we want to be and getting the most out of...

Grow thick skin and approach girls


Get Used To Approaching If you aren’t getting rejected by girls, then you must not be approaching many girls at all! Even the greatest seducers on the planet still need to deal with rejection, simply because there are too many factors that are not within our control that governs how each girl responds to our advances. This is a part of the game that will never change, and it is something...

Building up your confidence quickly


Building Your Confidence The best advice I can give for confidence is this: Change your lifestyle. Change your perception on how you view things because perception shapes reality. Change how you see things and your reality will change your confidence levels. Live for yourself and do things that make you happy. Do things you are good at. Confidence more or less boils down to knowing what you are...

Tips for when your confidence is low


Boosting Your Confidence You should also start to think of girls showing interest as nothing more than tools that you use to judge your progress while gaming a girl, not something to judge yourself based on. If you aren’t getting them while you are just walking down the street, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost your game or that you are ugly. It just means that you didn’t happen...

Why rejection does not matter at all


Rejection Doesn’t Matter The guy who gets rejected the most is the guy who will leave with the most numbers! Quit being scared or rejection and just get out there and do it. The trick is to not think about it, if you start thinking “Should I talk to her or not?” then you will talk yourself out of it. Think about it this way, if you talk to her you might have a 50% chance of...

Are you nervous around girls? Try this


How To Stop Being Nervous If you seem to be very laid back and “smooth” around girls that you are not attracted to, but nervous as hell around hot girls, try this strategy to help calm those nerves. First remember that you are a confident, suave player, and you can have any girl that you pursue. Next look at the particular female from a critic’s perspective, instead of focusing...

Girls like men with carefree attitudes


Have A Carefree Attitude I am very impressed with this website and the very useful tips it has to offer. I have nothing very spectacular to submit here but I believe it is one of the single most important rules if you are going to be a player. You got to have the “I don’t really care” attitude, and if you get rejected by a broad don’t dwell on it because it was her loss...

Overcome shyness around women


Overcoming Your Shyness Do you have the problem of being shy around large groups of people, like when you go to a party or club? I had this same problem a while ago, I solved it by learning to “zone” in on particular people. For example, once I noticed a girl I liked I would pretend that nobody else was around and then go up and talk to her, or if a girl came up to me I would...

Free Seduction Guide

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