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Meeting Everyone There

While you are out, it is important to avoid having “tunnel vision” and only focusing your energy on groups that contain potential mates.

Talking to as many people as possible within the venue regardless of what they have to offer is an extremely effective strategy, and can lead to some very interesting and beneficial interactions.

Doing this also puts you into a fun, talkative mood very quickly.

For example, if you were to open a fake conversation (Houdini Set) that contains 3 girls who are all low-quality, then eject from that conversation and head right into another one that has two 10’s in it, you will most likely be more successful in the “real set” than you would have been if you had just rushed right into it before opening the Houdini Set.

Also, make as many friends as possible that are already involved in relationships, because they are always trying to hook their friends up with each other.

This is an easy way to have the girls brought to YOU, without barely any action on your part.

Using this strategy you don’t even have to make a “perfect” first impression because your friends will have already given her the thumbs up.

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