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Master the art of seduction

If you allow it to, your ego will get in the way of your success and prevent you from ever being able to master the art of seduction.

Even once you get good at this stuff, remain humble and you’ll learn that you will benefit the most with that mentality.

Most guys – no matter what level – believe that their skills with the opposite sex are way higher than they truly are.

They walk around like the king of their town because they’re a medium sized fish in a raindrop of water, when in reality they’re just getting the scraps left behind by the real men.

Men who truly appreciate what it takes to be successful at all levels of seduction.

I know this because I’ve coached the elite of the elite over the years.

When some of them first came to me it was with arrogance, feeling they had to out-alpha me, proving that they were as good as or better than me in every which way.

Do you think I took the bait? Nope.

This is a weak mentality, it reeks of insecurity and results in a major setback for many men’s growth.

Not that those coaches weren’t as talented or as technical as I was, it’s just that their mental state was all wrong.

This is as true for those who master the art of seduction as much as it is for those who are new to seduction.

As a coach, it is one of the key obstacles that I have to overcome in their growth so that I can elevate their success rate.

This really hit home while I was adding friends to my Facebook account.

Being a friendly person I was adding as many people as I could, knowing that I would meet some other great people along the way.

While doing that, some guys would comment to the friend request after seeing what I do for a living.

They’d say things like;”Does it look like I need help dating?”

In some cases, it clearly did look like they needed help just by glossing over their page.

Some had their pages full of false friends which anyone could friend request and they would add them (strippers, models, dj’s, film wannabe’s, rock stars.

Being a gentleman, I didn’t answer straight, or else I would have offended them.

Besides, my intention was to make friends, not prospect new clients.

Most who were curious enough to search further admitted to their inadequacies, and I was ultimately able to help them.

Now my focus is on all the men out there who read this website in the hopes that I can get you to expand and explode your results into a new stratosphere.

With guidance, any man can reach a level far beyond the average successful male and master the art of seduction.

First, you must understand what Factor 80 is.

What is Factor 80?

I will explain to you exactly what it is, but I need you to open yourself to failure.

That’s right, I need you to be able to experience failure to succeed, but the beauty is that you already have.

Very few people have attained Factor 80, and the main thing that prevents them from doing so is their ego.

How can you improve your results if you don’t believe that you need improvement?

Have you read some expert’s field reports and massaged your own ego by telling yourself you could do that even though you never tried it?

Here is a list of signs if your ego is getting in the way of your success:

Do you approach 80% of the interesting people you notice, especially girls?

Can you successfully open 80% of those people that you approach?

After getting contact details, do you convert 80% of the calls into dates?

Are you able to lay 80% of the club girls that you actually pick up?

Can you convert 80% of these girls/friends into long term relationships?

This is what we at the Paragon Project call Factor 80.

Do you have it?

Now I don’t mean feel good results, I mean actual numbers.

Since it is in your best interests to track everything you do, so that it not only sounds good but in actuality brings you results.

It’s as easy as writing it on a slip of paper or punching it into your phone.

If you can’t say yes to 80% and Factor 80, then you have work to do to reach a state of seduction excellence.

Fortunately for you, we have put together “The New Breed”, a complete package designed to teach you seduction in its entirety from start to finish.

After using this program, you will come out the other end able to master the art of seduction.

There will literally be nothing that you do not know!

Don’t cheat yourself out of the good life when you can have the best.

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