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How to make women chase you


Make women chase you

There’s a subtle art when it comes to the game of playing cat and mouse with a girl. If you want to learn how to make women chase you, the first step is understanding the social dynamics going on behind the scenes.

Once you truly get it, you start to look at the world a bit differently.

You’ll notice people chasing others all around you, and not just when it comes to dating. In every single interaction that falls into any social category, there is always someone chasing someone else.

It is for this same reason why most relationships have one person who is more dominant than the other.

Human beings by nature work best under conditions where there is a clearly defined leader and path.

Just a game of tug-of-war

When it comes to figuring out how to make women chase you, the best example of this in action is to look at how girls do it to us.

They are experts at this shit.

When a hot woman likes you – instead of being direct and showing her interest – chances are she’ll first analyze your interest levels in her, then try to make you jump through hoops so you are the one who gives chase.

This is such a masterful way to do it.

She might start out by showing a bit of interest in you, then blowing you off.

It’s all an act.

Her interest in you hasn’t changed, she is just making it appear that way to you. Usually in this situation a man will then go outside of his normal behavior to get her interest level back up.

If you take the bait, now you’re chasing her.

When you don’t go for it, she’ll then try to ask you to do something, like “could you buy me a drink?” or “do that again”.

This is an attempt to pull you back in, but under her conditions.

You shouldn’t fall for this either.

Instead, you should have her jump through a hoop of your own first.

If she says “could you pass me my drink?”, then say “only if you (fill in something small).”

If it’s something small or the same size as her own then it’s no problem, she’ll probably do it.

Now the playing field is level and she knows you’re not an easy sell.

However, this is about how to make women chase you – not how to avoid chasing women – but to get a better understanding of it you must be able to relate to the process.

Since the situations I described above has probably happened to you in the past, now you get it.

Just reverse the roles and play the same game with them:

Give a little bit of attention, then take it away and you’ll make women chase you. If that doesn’t work, test their interest by asking small requests. If she falls for any of it, you’re in the driver’s seat.

On a basic level, that’s all there is to it.

Everyone chases the prize

When dealing with a hot girl, it is important to establish that YOU are the prize of the interaction as quickly as possible.

In most social interactions the girl is the prize because of social conditioning.

Ever watch a chick flick? Who is chasing who?

It is almost always the man chasing the woman, and if not they always make it the man by the end of the movie.

Girl have been taught since they were very young that they are the prize.

Guess what? It’s all bullshit.

They are only the prize if you make them the prize.

Instead whenever you have an interaction with a girl, assume YOU are the prize and that she’s the one attracted to you, that she’s lucky to even be able to talk to you.

Entering your reality is the greatest thing to ever happen to her.

You want to let her know that you’re the one she’s chasing, not the other way around.

How do you do that?

Give her the impression that you’re disinterested or tease her subtly.

Both work to convey that you are the prize.

When you have a girl reacting to what you say and do, then you are controlling the communication.

You have to actively show that she should be working to be with you.

Letting her know that you know she’s already interested in you (through your actions, not words) is a powerful way to accomplish this.

Tell yourself that you are the prize and make women chase you, then eventually they’ll start to give chase without any real effort on your part. They’ll notice that women tend to fawn over you and will just follow the rest.

That’s another good example of social conditioning.

Work on it and you can do just about anything – not only with girls – but with anybody in any interaction.

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