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Make good first impressions on girls


Make good first impressions

Take a good step back while a blow the dust off of this ancient topic. I’m going to bring the basic and well known concept of how to make good first impressions on girls back from the dead.

Once I’ve shed some new light on how you should view first impressions from a new perspective, it will transform your way of thinking when it comes to first meeting new women.

Even a classic need a new coat of paint every so often.

While writing this, I am assuming that everyone who reads it will have already been exposed to some basic advice on how to make good first impressions on women.

If not, you at least know that it’s important.

This is fundamental, basic stuff. Nothing more.

Or is it?

Every single seduction author, counselor, mother and basically anyone else who has dished out some dating advice has said something along the lines of “you need to make a good first impression on her”.

I think this advice sucks.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think it is a step in the right direction and can really help you out during the early phases of your journey into the world of learning proper seduction.

However, when compared to my much more powerful way of thinking about first impressions, it just doesn’t hold it’s ground.

Don’t make good first impressions…

Make Unforgettable Ones!

Sounds pretty straightforward doesn’t it?

Well it is, and it isn’t.

Some guys who read that may get the right idea and realize that when I say unforgettable I am talking about extremely unique, like on a “once in a lifetime” level.

However, they might not apply the concept properly and end up doing something so outrageous that it makes them look like an idiot.

On the other hand, some guys may think that unforgettable simply means to make an “extra good” first impression and then attempt to be overly cool or suave, making them look like an idiot as well, or just flat out corny.

To avoid these issues, here is my exact definition that separates when you make good first impressions versus unforgettable ones:

Unforgettable First Impression: A rare first meeting when one person greets the other in an unique manner in which the other person has never been greeted before. Regardless of it’s rarity, the greeting is still welcoming, charming and alluring, never awkward or creepy.

Get it? The key word in that definition is unique.

When you first approach a new girl your overall first impression should be unique in a cool way, and something that she most definitely has never been exposed to before.

As with all “firsts” in life, people tend to remember them, so when you do this properly it forces her to remember you as well.

Why make just a good first impression and hope that the chick remembers you when you can make an unforgettable first impression and know for certain that she will?

There is an easy way to test if you are truly making unforgettable first impressions or not:

The first call name test:

After you get a girl’s number, when you go to call her for the first time, do you simply say “Hey, it’s Alex”, or do you feel the need to follow that up with something else to force her to remember who you are, like “Hey, it’s Alex… from the bar last night”.

If you feel the need to say anything other than just your name, then you haven’t made an unforgettable first impression.

When you really make an unforgettable first impression on someone, you will just know it.

When you call them later on – even if it’s a week or two later – you should be confident enough to just say your name and expect them to remember who you are.

Any extra “hints” at your identity will be unnecessary.

How this is done properly:

Exactly how do you not just make good first impressions on girls, but make they so unforgettable that they separate you from every other guy that a girl has met?

I’m not going to do the usual “here’s a few examples of how I’ve done it” routine that you guys have probably all become accustomed to.

Don’t try asking me for examples in a response to this article either, because I won’t give any.

This is for your own good, because this is one of those few rare strategies that can be utterly ruined if you “copy & paste” examples into your game.

What I’m trying to say is, this will only work if you come up with everything on your own.

I also highly recommend making everything situational by not planning anything in advance, but rather coming up with it all impromptu just before greeting each new woman.

Even though I’m not going to be giving examples in order to avoid confusion and misuse of this technique, I will be laying down the general rules that you should follow in order to stay on the right track and ensure that your first impressions are unforgettable.

Guidelines to follow:

Don’t start with a question.

The first thing out of your mouth should NEVER be a question, because this is the most common thing that people do when greeting new people.

Avoid it completely.

Prior to approaching a new girl, always ask yourself this question:

“Has anyone ever greeted ME in this fashion?”

If you can answer yes, then DON’T do it. Your first impression needs to be one-of-a-kind.

If someone already did it to you, then it isn’t.

I know you’ve heard this one before, but I still have to mention it because it is very important and can make or break a first impression:

Keep your energy level higher than – or at least equal to – that of the girl that you are greeting.

Always make sure that whatever you are going to do or say is genuinely enjoyable and intriguing.

You don’t want to appear as if you are forcing it in a direct attempt to “impress” them. This means no magic tricks, storytelling or jokes allowed.

Save that stuff for later.

Try to never use the same first impression routine twice.

I know this is a hard rule to follow because you may stumble upon a few that work really good and will feel the urge to use them on every girl that you see, which is why I used the word “try”.

You don’t have to throw away your golden strategies, just only reuse them as a last resort when you can’t think of something new.

At least, try not to use the same routine more than once per week.

The reasoning behind this is that if you become so reliant on a single (or a few) great tactics you have discovered they will develop into a crutch for you to lean on.

You will be limiting your learning process, and will eventually find yourself in a situation you are utterly unprepared for.

Make sure to always keep yourself from taking it too far.

You can easily go overboard when trying to pull this off and end up looking needy, creepy, strange or corny.

Doing jumping jacks while you are opening and saying “Hi, I’m Alex” is definitely guaranteed to make for a truly unforgettable first impression, but it’s also guaranteed to never get you laid.

Make some boundaries for yourself so you don’t go off of the deep end when trying to make good first impressions on girls.

Have a good time.

Yes, this is one of the rules, because if you aren’t having a good time yourself while first meeting someone, then you can be certain that they aren’t having any fun either.

Keep everything fresh, cool, and most of all enjoyable.


The end of this article should be the beginning of you making unforgettable first impressions on women.

As soon as you finish reading this I want you to push the power button on your PC, throw something decent on, then go out and try to make your first unforgettable impression.

Do not stick around to read something else. Don’t waste time checking your e-mail or Facebook, go right now.

That stuff isn’t going anywhere, it will be here waiting for you when you get back just like this website will be when you need to read another article.

Do this while it’s fresh in your mind!

Having this knowledge is pointless if you don’t use it.


I’m serious. Go right now.

When you get back and are ready to step your game up, then read my Black Book to learn all of my best “dirty little tricks” that will get you laid.

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