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Touch to make girls want you

Touching women is an extremely important factor that determines your ability to make girls want you to kiss them, have sex with you and all other forms of intimacy.

This is particularly true when on a date.

Have you ever had a great time on a date with a girl, just to have her pull away when you went in for the kiss?

Do girls regularly see you as more of a friend, than a lover?

Have you heard the dreaded, “Let’s just be friends?

Do you have trouble with building intimacy with others?

Are you getting stuck in the friend zone?

If you answered yes for any or all of the above questions than you are normal, all men at some point have difficulties with this stuff.

Why is this?

Well, many men tend to stray away from touching either to not scare a girl off or because they are not comfortable with touching girls to begin with.

This is a perfect example of how your mind can get in the way of what you truly want.

Of course you WANT to touch hot girls.

So, why would you be hesitant to do it?

Touch is extremely important, and humans from a very early age exhibit the need for physical contact.

Studies from orphanages show that without contact babies will lose weight, get sick, and some even died from a lack of personal contact.

Children even will naturally seek out close contact and if they don’t it signifies a major problem.

Healthy families have a great deal of closeness with hugs and kisses, which fosters a positive loving outlook on life.

Personal relationships that go bad have an ever-decreasing amount of contact, which results in a break-up. The same is true at the beginning of a relationship where not enough contact is established.

It has also been clinically proven that when we are touched, hormones are released (I will not bore you with the scientific terms, just know that the affect is even more profound on girls than it is for men).

Even as adults we need loving touch to function properly and to be healthy or else we start to exhibit mental health traumas.

Enough of the negative crap. You get the idea:

Touch makes people feel happy and whole.

Armed with this knowledge, you can begin to understand that with a consistent elevation in the frequency and intimacy of physical contact, sexual arousal will be increased in girls. Basically to make girls want you, you should be touching them frequently.

However, frequently does not mean inappropriately. You need to be respectful to be successful.

What does that mean?

You should always start with light grazing sensations – slowly – and work your way up into touch that is more intimate.

More frequent touches as well as intensity will eventually lead to arousal, which is why girls love foreplay.

This crescendo of touch leads to arousal, foreplay, intercourse and culminates in climax.

Most men rush through the foreplay and get straight into the hardcore action.

They act similarly at the beginning of a relationship by not creating comfort through touch before getting intimate with a kiss.

No man would ever start their beloved car without engine oil to lubricate the motor, yet they try to cold start girls all the time.

The truth is that men need sex to be intimate and girls need to be intimate to have sex.

Can you see how those two opposites clash?

If that is the case you might think: “So how do I get intimate with girls?”

The answer is through premeditated touch.

It won’t feel comfortable for you at first because it is not in your nature, but it is a requirement if you want to make girls want you, and if you can’t establish that comfort zone through touch you will fail in every attempt to escalate with her.

That is exactly why a girl will pull away when you go in for a kiss. She has simply not had enough physical contact with you yet to feel comfortable kissing you.

There is a natural progression of intimacy for girls that we will teach you, and if you skip a step it will result in failure.

Girls get an uneasy feeling every time a man jumps ahead of the natural progression of intimacy that they require.

It is an easy mistake to make since men are sociologically programmed opposite to girls.

Do you know what the natural progression of intimacy is?

Do you know how to make girls want you by using touch?

Do you know what not to say so you don’t sound creepy?

Fear not if you don’t know.

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