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How to make eye contact with a girl


Make eye contact with a girl

The eyes are said to be the mirror of the soul. So, it comes as no surprise that when you make eye contact with a girl there’s a feeling of some sort of connection being made.

Just as you can feel it, she does too.

For you, his can be a powerful boon or a devastating hindrance depending on whether you use it or not.

That feeling – that connection – can change the entire way that a girl feels about you for the better.

In turn, when you do not make eye contact with a girl, to her it may feel like something is missing.

That’s because something is missing.

The benefits of locking eyes with a woman goes far beyond some invisible bond between the two of you. There are some more tangible perks to doing it as well.

Understanding the language of the eyes will give you the ability to learn valuable information about the girls you interact with.

However, do you know that you can use your eyes to influence and impress girls?

Many men, as well as girls, have what you could call nervous, flickering eyes and have difficulties keeping their eyes focused.

You’ll notice them looking around during a conversation, which is a sign of insecurity.

On the other hand, confident people will stare directly into your eyes.

With experience and practice, you will learn how important it is to maintain prolonged eye contact and to look a girl directly into her eyes.

It will become second nature to you.

If you focus both of your eyes on the girl’s right eye, that will have a positive effect and convey that you have a sexual interest in her.

If you focus both of your eyes on her left eye, the effect is still positive yet portrays a much more casual and comforting interest.

You can use both to your advantage.

When you’re trying to build up attraction, look into her right eye. When you need to build comfort, stare into her left.

Now that’s just the basic way to make eye contact with a girl.

Want to know how to really use your eyes to make her feelings for you kick into overdrive?

Every so often, swap to the other eye and then immediately back.

I’m sure you’ve had someone do this to you, most likely unintentionally since this is a pretty advanced eye contact strategy, but it has happened to you before.

If you can’t remember, then watch a movie and you’ll see it.

While making eye contact, a person’s eyes will sometimes stagger quickly with a sideways movement, then go back to where they were before.

This is a huge sign that they are interested in the person they are looking at.

The catch is that since this subconsciously tells the other person “I’m really into you”, it also elicits the same feeling in that person toward you.

Yes, that means exactly what it sounds like:

You can abuse this to make girls like you more.

To achieve the desired effect, when make eye contact with a girl just quickly look at her other eye and then back again to where you were.

For example, if you are looking into her right eye to increase attraction, look into her left eye for less than a second and then go immediately back to her right eye.

She’ll notice the movement of your eyes shifting, and the message will be received.

Hint: You can scroll up to the top of this page and practice on the girl in the picture.

This is meant to be only done once every few minutes, having your eyes dart back and forth constantly would be very strange.

To get an idea of how this is done properly, like I mentioned earlier you can always watch a movie in which the actors have good chemistry. They do it all of the time.

Even better, you should be on the lookout for this behavior the next time you’re talking to a girl.

When you see it happen to you in real time like that and are consciously thinking about it, you’ll realize just how powerful this sneaky little trick is.

You’ll actually be able to feel your own attraction levels for a girl raise when you see her eyes shift.

Have you ever had a sexual thought invade your mind instantly while you were talking to a girl, like all of a sudden thought about kissing her in the middle of a conversation?

I bet her eyes shifted on you just before you had that thought.

It works exactly like that.

I’m dropping some serious shit on you right now, don’t forget it. This is one of the secrets to human interaction that controls our thoughts and desires.

It’s powerful stuff.

Most other authors would never reveal something like this in a free article, but this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what I have to teach you.

If you’re the type of guy who wants to know all of the best tricks and secrets to seducing women – much more than what I’ve shown you in this article – then check out my book. I’ve poured ALL of my knowledge into it.

After you read it, you’ll be getting laid more than you can imagine.

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