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Make An Online Dating Profile

Learn how to make a perfect online dating profile that girls will respond to. Start getting messages from girls online by having an impressive profile that shows why you are the best choice out there! The profile that you create on online dating sites is the first thing girls will see, so I’m going to show you how to make a great online dating profile that will make girls want to send you messages and respond to yours.

Online Dating Profiles: Getting Started

This is the backbone of your success with online dating and you’re selling yourself short if you just churn it out, put it up, and leave it at that.

Your profile should be an extension of you. It should be a reflection of your philosophies, your tastes in all things cultural, your sense of humor, your style, who you are and what you’re looking for.

It has to have ENERGY, ENERGY, ENERGY!

Be open, be honest, be cocky, yet funny in your profile. Show some attitude and swagger. Show some heart. Show that you’re human and genuine.

My online profile has had a lot of success where I’ve placed it because I’ve spent two years editing it. It’s had many revisions and every few weeks I change a line or two. In this way, writing a profile is a lot like writing a poem, a book or a short story: It’s never finished.

There’s always room for improvement, and you should seek it out. There’s always a little bit more, or a little bit less to say about yourself. You can’t afford for your profile to look like all of the rest. Read men’s profiles to find out what cliches are used the most, and then avoid them.

Every site has their own brand due to the different way the information fields are arranged.

Online dating sites and personals are often used as a crutch for the desperate man with no social skills.


If you do not express this somehow in your profile, it will simply be assumed. You’re not online because you’re desperate, you’re online because you’re looking for someone with a distinct personality (which I am, personally) and possibly because you are a busy man who needs a more “streamlined” way to meet and qualify women.

You’re looking for someone with the right kind of energy. You’re looking for someone who’s tired of the club scene.

You’re online because you haven’t met what you’re looking for in real life, not because no one else would have you.

DO NOT be whiny and say “I’m using this site because all the women I meet at clubs suck.” Do NOT be negative about the women you meet in your day to day life. A girl is more likely to assume the problem lies with you rather than the rest of the world. But don’t forget, YOU ARE QUALIFYING THEM!

You can use the same dating profile on a variety of websites, so make it the best profile there is.

I recommend leaving an instant message screen name in your profile. A lot of people prefer to make first contact this way.

Online Dating Profile Cliches To Avoid

These are not always written exactly the same as I will show you, but I see them all the time in one variety or another.

Avoid these:

“I’m often shy at first but I’m very warm and friendly once you get to know me.”

“I’m the most funny/interesting/weird/quirky person you’ll ever meet!”

“I’m not very good at writing about myself” or “I’m never sure what to write for these things…”

“If you want to know anything more, just ask!” (Never. They will never follow up and ask. They have no incentive to. You tell them about yourself then and there, soldier.)

That’s just a few of the biggest online dating profile cliches, but there are literally hundreds more.

Like I said earlier, you should look at the profiles of your competition (guys in your area) and figure out all of the lame things they are doing so you know exactly what to NOT do – and what you CAN do to stand out from the rest of them and be a winner.

5 Secrets For Making A Perfect Profile

1) Always put at least three pictures up, and these should obviously be your best looking pictures. Everyone puts their best picture up in their profile, and most of the time it succeeds at giving the false impression that they are better looking than they really are. However, when you post three or more great pictures, the women browsing your profile will just assume you are a good looking guy rather than just a guy with ONE good looking picture. Your first picture should be a face closeup, and the second should show your entire body. If you aren’t in great shape, find a full-body picture that still looks pretty good, as just an “alright” picture of your body is better than no picture at all. The last thing you want to do is put in a lot of work, number close, meet the girl and then have her give you a look like she was misled. Also, put pictures up that show yourself as a man of high value. Mine consists of me posing with foreign children, as I gave them medical help on a trip I was on. This works very well.

2) Your profile needs to show that you have very high social value; so be witty, and be totally, completely, outlandishly unique. I’m a pretty good writer and a witty guy, so this part isn’t really a problem for me. However, I know that some guys aren’t the best at this, but you still need to somehow formulate a good profile. Get help from an English teacher if you have to. Also, use good grammar. It will make you sound more together and alternatively, attractive. Nobody is turned off by good grammar, but some ladies are very turned off by bad grammar.

3) Understand what type of girl you are after, and tailor your profile to that personality type. I like smart girls, so my profile shows how intelligent I am and that retards need not apply. Here’s an excerpt from it: “I hope to eventually find someone who cares about sports, politics, the perfect ice cream flavor, current events, philosophy, old episodes of Saved by the Bell, religion, music, literature, the unintentional comedy of Keanu Reeves… get what I’m saying?”

4) Throw in as many conversation pieces as you can. Pop culture works well. In the above excerpt, I mentioned Saved by the Bell and Keanu Reeves. I’ve received TONS of e-mails from girls saying how they love/hate these things and what their opinions are on them. Dropping little pieces of info into your profile that will “hit home” with many women and provoke a response out of them is a very effective strategy to use in online dating. Nothing is better than having all of the women come to you.

5) Do not describe your personality, DEMONSTRATE it. You think that you are funny? Then actually BE funny in your profile description, don’t just say that you are a funny guy. You think that you are smart? Then be smart, don’t say that you are a smart guy. Girls HATE guys who just list qualities that they aren’t backing up in their profiles or in e-mails. All of the guys who fail at online dating do this crap, so don’t. Basically, don’t tell her who you are, reveal it to her.

This should get you started. Rock it out, gentleman.

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