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Make a girl feel better about herself


How to make a girl feel better

Being able to make a girl feel better about herself – not only when she is feeling down – is vital to building a deeper connection and bond with that girl.

Whether she is your girlfriend or just a casual date, you always want her to relate you to positive thoughts.

I’m not telling you to be her shoulder to cry on, wishing that you could date her while you sit lonely in the friends zone.

This stuff isn’t just for nice guys, the difference is all in the way that you do it.

You could bombard her with compliments, console her when she is feeling down, tell her it is going to be alright when she breaks up with her jerk boyfriend, like everything she posts on Facebook, and just be an overall nice guy.

For all of your efforts, you’ll be rewarded with zero dates.

Your methods need to change.


Don’t throw lame compliments at her; telling her she’s pretty, beautiful or gorgeous. You can relay that same message from a powerful stance and grow her attraction for you.

Here’s how I compliment a girl when she is looking for reassurance on her looks:

“Not bad at all, I’d probably hit that.”

“Damn, you’re almost as sexy as I am!”

“You’re starting to look like my next girl.”

Notice how I can still compliment and make a girl feel better, but relate myself to it all? I also add in some humor (positive thoughts, remember).

I’m indirectly attaching myself to her good looks, which lets her know that I think she’s hot – but not too hot for ME.

That’s the difference.

The typical nice guy will make it all about her, while a desirable man will never allow himself to be excluded.

He values himself too much, and if you don’t value yourself you can’t honestly expect anyone else to, including her.

If you want to be the man, you need to act like it.

When she’s down

Should you ever be her shoulder to cry on?

No. She has plenty of other guys chilling in the friends zone that can take care of that for you.

You don’t need to be the traditional nice guy to make a girl feel better when she is sad or depressed.

Rather than talking about it with her and attaching yourself to those negative feelings like an idiot, you need to remove her from that state or mind by having her doing something positive with you.

This could be as simple as changing the conversation to something good or a fun activity.

The concept is to get her mind OFF of that negative stuff while you are around. If she wants to go back to sulking after you’re gone then that’s her thing.

Your job is to not be attached to it.

If she won’t break out of her moody shell, then make yourself scarce until she’s over it.

Let someone else come in and be her negative buddy.

Let someone else fail.

Good humor can be a strong catalyst when it comes to how to make a girl feel better when she’s down. The right joke or tease can put a smile on her face regardless of the current situation.

Once you get her to crack a smile, continue doing what you just did until she’s back to normal.

That’s how you should handle a sad girl.

Social media

So many uneducated guys think that liking every post a girl makes and commenting on her photos will help build rapport with her.

It’s true that when a woman is feeling a little self conscious about her appearance, she’ll post a great photo of herself on social media to get some likes and comments to reassure herself that she’s still desired.

This will always make a girl feel better, but you shouldn’t participate.

Have you ever heard of a thirst trap?

Here on this site we always talk about separating yourself from the rest and not being categorized as just another regular dude.

What do you think is happening when you hover over the amount of likes and see a list a names?

Adding yourself to that list is the worst thing you could ever do.

You want to give the appearance that you are better than that; a man who is far too busy doing him to waste time commenting and liking other people’s status updates and photos.

Only talk to girls on your own posts and in private messages.

You may be able to make a girl feel better on social media, but you do so at your own expense.

Stop doing that stuff immediately.

The guys who fall for these thirst traps think they’re making progress with the girl because by making their presence constantly shown in the comments and likes they are keeping themselves in her mind.

That is happening, sure.

The problem is that she might see your name or read your comment, but 5 minutes later she’s forgotten completely about it and is daydreaming about the guy she’s really crushing on right now.

A guy who wasn’t on that list of names.

What did you think was really happening? If there’s 50 likes on a photo, did you think she’d just pick your name out of the hat and choose to start dating you?

You’re just one of 49 other guys who are all insignificant in her eyes.

She’s looking for something on the next level, something that is better – a challenge.

The guys who like and comment on her stuff are obviously not men she would have to put in any work to get; they are ordinary.

She’s looking for extraordinary.

Be THAT guy, not just another guy.

Read my book – The Player’s Black Book – and you’ll learn exactly what to say and do to make ANY girl believe that you’re the man they’ve been looking for.

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