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Myth: money will get you more women


Money Will Get You More Women? Far too many guys have been blinded by modern entertainment and their perception of what is real has been skewed as a result. Specifically, I’m talking about the misconception that having money will get you more women. Ladies, you aren’t off the hook either, but this is a site for men so I won’t go into that too much. The only thing I’ll...

Build confidence without even trying


Build Confidence Rapidly Would you believe me if I told you that my best secret for how to build confidence doesn’t require you to actually do anything at all? What if I also said that this same “lazy method” will also build your self confidence at an epic speed compared to any other strategy that you could ever possibly use? Unlikely, you say? Well then, read on an be proven...

What girls really want in a boyfriend


What girls really want most There’s plenty of bad advice out there for you to buy into if you do an internet search on what girls really want in a boyfriend. Everything from the “each woman is different” garbage to the “girls want a man with these 20 traits” crap. In reality, the true answer is quite simple. Let’s look a some facts: Girls don’t want a...

Have more confidence around girls


How to have more confidence Have you ever seen someone who is so good with talking to girls that it almost seems like he has magical powers and you wished that you could have more confidence like that guy? Do you think that guys like him FEEL confident when they are around girls? Okay now think about something that you do really well. Maybe it’s interacting with customers or coworkers at...

The 10 skills that will get you laid


Top skills that will get you laid Lately I’ve been noticing a lot of guys getting confused about what is really important when it comes to picking up girls. Particularly the main skills that will get you laid and those that won’t. This is very dangerous and can affect your overall game. When you spend too much time on things that don’t matter, you’re actually moving...

The best cologne that gets you laid


Cologne that gets you laid I’m going to explain everything from the best ways to apply cologne to which cologne that gets you laid and you should buy. You need to learn how to use cologne right so you always smell great and are wearing the type of cologne that women love and respond to, otherwise you could be wearing a brand that actually makes to harder to attract women. Oh, you thought...

3 reasons why women love assholes


See why women love assholes What could she possibly see in him? That dude is a jerk and treats her like she’s worthless, but it seems like she just can’t get enough of it! You see this wonder why women love assholes so much and never go for nice guys. There’s no denying it because you see it all of the time; girls just love to date jerks, but why? I’m about to lay it all...

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