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Let go of what you can not control


Control Only What You Can

This one of the most simple tips that I have to offer, but it is sadly one of the most overlooked.

Too many guys find a girl that they like and then go crazy, worrying all the time about whether or not she likes them back.

Ironically enough, this is all too often the very reason that the girl will not be attracted to them.

When you spend your time worrying about things out of your control, such as whether or not a certain girl likes you, you lose focus of the things that you can control and you become a boring person that has nothing to offer a girl.

The only thing that you have control over is yourself, never forget that.

Make yourself the best person that you can be, which includes working out, finding hobbies, and doing everything possible to lead a happy and fun life.

If your happiness is dependent on girls, then you are putting your life in another person’s hands.

Remove all the guesswork, take control of your life, and make sure that it’s great: girls find that extremely attractive.

Now that you’re changing your life for the better, you should always keep yourself busy.

Not just because a busy man with an action packed life is attractive to girls, but because you can be out there meeting new people, expanding your social circle and doing something meaningful and worthwhile.

You aren’t going to meet new people if you’re stuck in your house playing x-box or watching movies.

– GoinPhoenix

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