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How to last longer while having sex


Last longer while having sex

Have you ever wondered what kind of secrets only porn stars knew about that enabled them last longer while having sex and then fire off a load like a lawn sprinkler?

Have you ever thought that maybe it is possible for men to have multiple orgasms like women can?

Maybe even contemplated learning what all that tantra stuff was really about?

Well, you’re in luck my friend.

I’m about to reveal to you the single piece of knowledge that will enable you to do ALL OF THE ABOVE!

To many of you, this may be one of the most important things you will ever learn, and if you already know about it you are probably nodding your head in agreement right now because you know what is coming next.

Let us get on with it.

There is a muscle called the Pubococcygeus (PC muscle) in your body located just below your sack.

This muscle has a wide range of functions in the body, however it is rarely talked about and most people have no idea that it even exists.

This muscle controls:

How hard you can become once aroused.

The length and intensity of your orgasms.

The distance you can shoot semen, and…

Your ability to last longer while having sex.

Once you have developed a strong PC muscle, you will actually be able to block the flow of semen when you have an orgasm, maintain your erection and keep going.

This is possible because having an orgasm and ejaculating are two separate functions, they are simply confused as being the same thing because they usually cum in one package.

You like that wordplay?

When you block the flow of semen, you will still have an orgasm but your body will think that you are not finished because you have not yet ejaculated.

That is how you can maintain your erection and keep going until you have another orgasm or two, or three.

It all depends on how strong your PC muscle is and how much control you have over it.

There is no meditation or magic involved.

Tantra and all other methods to last longer while having sex are a myth; the PC muscle is the only way for a man to become multi-orgasmic and intensify his orgasms.

Now that you are aware of your PC muscle and what it can do, you must learn how to locate and exercise it.

The best way to properly locate your PC muscle is to imagine that you are peeing, and then pretend to stop the flow or urine.

The muscle that you usually use to stop peeing when you are in the middle of going is your PC muscle, and the same squeezing motion should be used when exercising your PC muscle.

Have you ever heard of women doing Kegel exercises? Well, this is the male version.

Ironically, the same muscle exists in both sexes.

You should exercise your PC muscle just as you would any other muscle in your body (except there are no weights involved, don’t even think about it) by doing sets of 20 reps at first, then increase the amount of reps as your see fit.

Remember to maintain normal breathing the same way you would if you were doing any other exercise.

You should also do two different types of sets when you exercise your PC muscle: quick squeezes with a lot of reps, and long hard squeezes with only a few reps.

There is nothing more to it.

The best part is that you can do these exercises anywhere you like and no one will be the wiser.

I doubt that the hot girl sitting across from you during a boring meeting at work will be aware that you are – at that moment – practicing a skill that can (and eventually will) give her unparalleled pleasure.

Just keep in mind that as your PC muscle gets stronger you will have to intensify your workout by adding more reps and sets.

Also remember that you will not see results immediately after you finish your first few sets, just like any other muscle in your body it will take some work to see a real change.

Each man’s body is different from the next.

Many men are born with very strong PC muscles while others are born with weak ones, so I can not accurately tell you how long it will take until you begin to see results.

In my case, after about 2 weeks of working my PC muscle every day I began to notice dramatic changes and was able to do things sexually that I previously believed to be impossible.

Forget pills and meditation, if you want to be able to last longer while having sex then the PC muscle is your ticket.

However, lasting long and being really good at laying pipe are two completely different things.

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