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16 rules for being great with women


Being Great With Women After much thought, research, practice – and of course trial and error – I’ve compiled my list of the top 16 rules to follow for being great with women and a better overall man. I’ve been an active member of the community for over two years now. Yes, I’ve had my ups and I’ve had my downs. There were dry spells where no girls wanted me at...

How to tell if a girl likes you or not


Can you tell if a girl likes you? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could read minds and always know what people are thinking? It’s too bad real life isn’t that fun, but even though you can’t read minds there’s still something else you can “read” to always know how to tell if a girl likes you or not. It’s all about reading body language. Believe me, a...

How do some guys always get laid?


How some guys always get laid Although it may not seem obvious at first, there are many parallels between the worlds of business and dating. Some guys always get paid, and some guys always get laid. One of these commonalities is the unequal distribution of “wealth”. In the fight to succeed financially, it is a free-for-all, dog-eat-dog world. Only the strong survive. The ones who do...

Stop being intimidated by hot girls


You intimidated by hot girls? Believe it or not, this is an illogical fear and you really have nothing to be afraid of. Being intimidated by hot girls and not approaching them simply because they are beautiful literally make zero sense. Let me explain. For a while now I’ve been wondering why some girls always make eye contact and hold it longer than others. In most cases, the girls who fail...

How to read a girl’s body language


Read a girl’s body language The art of knowing how to read a girl’s body language is a necessary skill to learn if you want to pick up women and know the signs that a girl likes you. Knowing what her body language is telling you can have a huge impact on your success. It can all be summed up into one simply question: How can you tell when a girl likes you? Just read her body language...

What’s so bad about being a player?


Being a player isn’t wrong Many people are uneducated when it comes to what being a player actually is and how a real player should conduct him/her self. Contrary to popular belief, players and haters aren’t the only two groups of people in the dating game. There’s plenty of stereotypes people could fall into. However if we were to generalize (and for the sake of getting my...

Make a girl feel better about herself


How to make a girl feel better Being able to make a girl feel better about herself – not only when she is feeling down – is vital to building a deeper connection and bond with that girl. Whether she is your girlfriend or just a casual date, you always want her to relate you to positive thoughts. I’m not telling you to be her shoulder to cry on, wishing that you could date her...

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