Keeping that one girl off of your mind

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Keep Her Off Your Mind

Never become obsessed with a particular woman you’ve just met, no matter how hot she is or how much she seems to like you.

If you think about her too much, you will begin building up tension in your mind which can affect how you act the next time you see her.

That is when you need to be on top of your game, not looking like an idiot with nothing to say or acting needy/clingy.

When you meet a woman that you think you may be really getting into, the best thing to do is to go out and meet even more women to keep your mind off of her.

When the time comes for a date with this one girl that you’ve been obsessing over, I’ve learned that one of the best ways to relax before the date is to pump some iron.

I always plan my dates around my workouts because the testosterone is flowing big time at the end of a workout, plus you’ll be all pumped up and looking in top shape during your date as an added bonus.

While on the date with her, make sure to built up high rapport with her.

because that’s something you can build the rest of your game upon (for both physical escalation and future dates).

If you have no rapport, you’ll encounter a lot of problems with last-minute resistance and flaking, because she will think of you as more of a stranger than someone that she shares an emotional bond with.

Without rapport, there is no success.

– Player87

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