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Keep your girlfriend interested

Perhaps you current relationship is failing and just doesn’t seem right, or you may feel like her interest in you is waning. Maybe you perpetually keep losing your girlfriends, or you might have recently been through a major break up. Regardless of the reason that brought you to this article, I’m going to show you exactly how to keep your girlfriend interested in you for the long haul.

The guidelines below apply to all relationships – serious or casual – and can work to repair your current relationship as well as help with any new girlfriends you have in the future.

Let me teach you how to keep your girlfriend:

Personal space

You need to give your girl space, let her do whatever she wants and have the attitude like you don’t really care what it is.

Like most guys (who are uneducated on this topic), your natural instinct will be to always keep your girlfriend around you so that you don’t need to worry about her getting hit on while your not there, or even worse cheating on you.

In reality, if she is the type of girl that cheats then you don’t want to be a long term relationship with her anyway, so her cheating on you is a good thing because it let’s you know she’s not worthy and allows you to end the relationship before you get in too deep.

It’s better to get it over with and not waste too much of your time, energy and money. Whether you want to believe that or not, it’s true nonetheless.

If you allow your girl to do what she wants there is always the possibility that she might cheat, but if you keep her on lock down then in the end she will definitely cheat when she gets the chance.

How can I make such a bold prediction?

Because by doing that you are displaying insecure, needy traits. When a real man – who lacks those unattractive traits – comes along, she’ll jump at the chance to leave you for him.

Here is how average guys and real men think about this differently:

When an average guy’s girl is out with her friends he thinks; “What is she doing? Is she getting hit on by other guys? Is she going to meet someone better?”

His mind is constantly on HER.

When a real man’s girl goes out he thinks; “Fuck yeah! Since she’s out, now I’M free to go out and have some fun too. Time to call my boys up.”

His mind is always on HIM.

Learn to say no

However, even though you should allow your girl to do as she wishes, DO NOT let her do it at your expense.

Meaning that when she goes out alone do not let her take your car and spend your money.

That’s how you become her little bitch.

If she wants to go off on her own and have fun, then it should be just that; on her OWN.

Being successful in a long term relationship and being able to keep your girlfriend is all about maintaining your control and not letting her turn you into a pushover, and a big part of that is not letting her take advantage of you by using your stuff for things that do not involve you.

Girls always say that they want a nice guy, but what they really want is a bad boy that they can try to turn into a nice guy.

The key word there is “try”.

They love trying to change you into something that you’re not, but it’s that act of trying that is so engaging to them. When they actually succeed at changing a man into what they “think” they want him to be they immediately start losing attraction for him.

Don’t let it happen to you, because as soon as it does you WILL lose her.

Why? Because she fell in love with the cool and confident version of you, not the insecure and hesitant version you’ve become.

Gift giving

NEVER buy random gifts for your girl.

Well, never might be a bit too harsh. Let’s just say this should be something that you do rarely enough that it truly is a surprise.

Not because she is surprised by your gift, but rather she is shocked since it’s so unlike you to do something like that.

Do you know what I mean?

Showering women with gifts is an urban myth that most men follow simply because they think that in order to keep your girlfriend you need to grab the occasional dozen roses on the way over to her place.

Girls will say “Awww your so sweet,” but they are really thinking that you are becoming a pushover that they’ve got you whipped and primed to be taken advantage of.

Disclaimer: Not all women think this way, but we are talking about the majority here.

They will then proceed to milk you for everything that you’ll dish out until some confident guy comes along ready to treat her like shit, then she’ll leave you for him.

Even on holidays where gift giving is mandatory, you shouldn’t make an extreme effort to please her.

That means don’t go all out buying her 15 different little things and then one expensive big ticket item.

Get her one small, meaningful thing and be done with it.

The best method for these situations it to make her gift something that you can benefit from as well, for example I like to take my girl to concerts, theme parks, comedy shows or small vacations for her birthday.

She appreciates that shit way more than any lame gift. Plus I get to have a good time as well.

The best part about that strategy is that the real gift you are giving is yourself, and that displays high value and confidence.

Not to mention it is unique and separates you from all of the flower buying dudes who don’t have a clue about what is takes to keep your girlfriend attracted to you for a long period of time.

In the bedroom

If you want to keep any decent girl for a long period of time you will need to be at least fairly skilled at laying the pipe.

Many men get ditched or cheated on by their girlfriends because of their inability to satisfy them in the sack, so don’t let yourself be added to that list.

The biggest complaint women have about men regarding sex if when a man can’t control himself and cums too fast.

If you can’t last more than 15 minutes, get that handled.

Training yourself to be good at sex is a great skill to have for not only long term relationships, but for general dating as well.

When you are dating random girls and not looking for a relationship, being a great lover will guarantee that you will get return sex often and also help you maintain your booty calls for as long as you wish.

Not to mention, girls love to talk, so word about your prowess in bed will spread to other women.

During a long term relationships is the BEST time for you to practice your sexual techniques because both you and your partner will be totally comfortable with each other.

You will have a greater level of sexual communication than you would with a stranger or a girl you only have sex with occasionally. Which provides the perfect environment to hone your skills.

I recommend getting in as much “practice” as you can 🙂

You should also experiment as much as possible with your steady lover and try as many freaky things as possible.

This also adds spice to your sex life and helps you to maintain a healthy relationship and keep your girlfriend.

Role playing and video taping also spices up your bedroom antics and adds a fun element as well.

If you need some good tips on becoming better at sex, read my article on how to make a girl orgasm every time.

There are many other articles on that subject here as well.

Being a real man

Want to know the absolute BEST way to maintaining your control relationship and keep your girlfriend attracted to you?

Do exactly the opposite of what normal guys in relationships do:

Stare at other girls while your girl is next to you, even make comments if you can pull it off.

When I’m with my girl I’ll look at and make comments about other girls all of the time, whether negative or positive:

“Babe look, that girl has got a nice ass.”

“That one has a nice body, but that’s about it.”

“She’s got a really sexy smile.”

“This one has got a pretty face, but too thick for my taste.”

Don’t be scared to say stuff like that. If you’ve got some hefty balls you can even talk to some other women in front of your girl.

A little jealousy is good for a relationship and it keeps you in a position of control.

In every relationship there is one dominant person while the other is submissive, if not then the relationship will never work.

Two dominant people don’t mix because they will clash far too often, and two submissive people won’t work because they will both feel a constant need to for someone to take charge that never gets fulfilled.

In order to be in control of a long term relationship you NEED to be the dominant person.

You’re a man and that is your job. Women expect you to take charge and find it to be highly attractive when you do.

Some simple steps you can take toward achieving this are:

When the two of you go out for a date it is always to where YOU want to go.

When you take her to the movies, you see the action movie not the chick flick.

When you have sex it is when YOU are in the mood, not just when she’ll “let you”.

When you ask her to do something that is important, she doesn’t question why.

When a question is directed at you both, it’s you who takes charge and answers.

The list goes on.

The bottom line is: It’s your way and you make the rules.

You’re the man, she knows it and finds it irresistibly sexy.

Want to learn how to get your girlfriend (or any girl) to become so infatuated with you that she’ll do anything you want her to?

In my Black Book you’ll find many powerful strategies that can achieve that goal, plus so much more.

Have a look at it when you get the chance.

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